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lunarhighway 08-07-2007 06:17 AM

hybrid power in any car?
For a while now on occasion i get the feeling that when taking of at a redlight
(engine warmed, but switched off, keystart the car just befor i drive away) the car takes off amasingly well, even when the pedal is only mildly depressed. when the engine is left ideling takeoff is notably less snappy.

i'm wondering why this is? i can think of i few things, but might this be because the electric starter motor actually works as a hybrid system for a second? when starting from standstill the engine goes trough it's least effective part of the power curve, so any help it gets in that region could be helpfull.

things i considder might also contribute to "better takeoff", but i'm not sure if any really take place.
  • car starts really well when warm so i might keep the starter running a little to long with the starter engine pulling the car (it can actually do this as i've accidently found out while my engine stalled).
  • the starter helps compressing the fuel in the cilinders, makeing more power available for actualy moveing the car.
  • because of key start i might stay in te first gear a fraction longer.
  • residual (hot) fuel in cilinders.
  • the fact than i'm "a sitting duck" at the light makes me more concious and therefore quicker to respond to the change of the lights.

what do you think? i'm not planning on actively straining the staryer beyound it's limits, but might this be a possible gassaving technique?

omgwtfbyobbq 08-07-2007 07:44 AM

I really doubt it's the starter. Probably just the engine running on the rich side for a little bit.

GasSavers_Red 08-07-2007 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by omgwtfbyobbq (Post 67238)
I really doubt it's the starter. Probably just the engine running on the rich side for a little bit.

X2, along with any left over fuel vapor already in the cylinders. Could also be that you are rev matching then you restart and go. I've noticed that on some of my restarts, sometimes it either bog or lunge forward, other times it starts and goes as smooth as silk.

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