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lunarhighway 09-11-2007 03:29 AM

opel plug in hybrid concept
quite a radical concept for opel. although it looks a lot like toyota's hybrid x concept....a bit to much to my taste.
on the other hand the shape is not to far of from the current corsa model, so perhaps the design language will trancelate into future models.
some sketches i've seen for what might become the new for fiesta has similar lines.

rear door setup and the segways also look a bit to much like a gimmic to me.

ist's said to be capable of 55 km on a single charge without the need for the ice to cut in and it can recharge in 3 hours. the text states that since the average european home to work traffic is under 50 km most people will be able to drive this as a pure EV

as with most concepts of this nature it will remain to be seen what will come of this.

a good thing is that unlike the fiesta design sketch this car does not seem to base good looks on a huge & useless grill... wouldn't it be nice if one day cars didn't have grills left to block at all ;)

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