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96vtec 12-02-2007 05:23 PM

Smogging D15Z1 swap in a CX/DX hatchback (California)
Hi, I currently own a 96 civic hx with less than impressive mpg numbers. So I've been researching some of the popular swaps on here and it seems that a cx with a D15Z1 swap is ideal since the cx hatchbacks are somewhat more common than the vx.

Has anyone in California swapped a D15Z1 into the cx chassis and passed smog without having the vehicle barred? What are the requirements for smogging the cx with the D15Z1?

StorminMatt 12-02-2007 09:18 PM

The requirements to smog a CX with a VX motor are that the motor be of the same model year of the car or newer, and that ALL emissions gear for the motor be used with that motor. In other words, the car must use the correct ECU, EGR control box, etc. Some people, like CRX swappers, try to run newer motors with the older ECUs. And this sort of thing is a big no-no.

As for smogging the motor without getting it reffed, you may oy may not be able to do this. All the SOHC motors look somewhat similar. So there is a somewhat decent chance that the smog tech might not ntice that you have a different motor in there. I make no guarantees, though.

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