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efficiencyJunkie 01-24-2008 08:39 AM

First drive of the Tesla, its not dead yet!
Motor Trend - Tesla first drive

I was worried the company would go under, but it seems to be picking up pace.



The reason I'm braced for a wallop when I nail that accelerator isn't the watermelon-size electric motor's 248 horsepower. What's worrying my neck is the combination of the motor's 211 pound-feet of zero-rpm torque and the ease with which its 6831-cell, lithium-ion battery pack can juice the little banshee. Note that, at an estimated 2690-pound curb weight, the Tesla Roadster has a weight-to-torque ratio of 12.7 pounds/pound-foot. By comparison, it's natural reference, the sizzling Lotus Exige S (with 165 pound-feet of torque and 630 fewer pounds) offers 12.5 pounds/pound-foot-but only when you finally reach 5500 rpm. Notably, that's not zero rpm.

jcp123 01-25-2008 08:06 AM

Hey, I've driven Skyline Blvd. - it's famous in the Bay Area (look up State Route 35). Great stretch of road just for the scenery alone, even better if you like to corner carve (which isn't my cup of tea).

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