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GasSavers_Loopie 02-18-2008 03:12 AM

'87 5.0ltr Mustang
Just new to the site...thought I'd throw this bit of history up :)
I've actually owned 10 different 5.0ltr V8 Mustangs...but now that I'm here at GasSavers...I recall 2 cars specifically. Both '87s...both GT's.
BOTH cars had a fresh major tune up and were 130,000km or more...5spds...lowered 1.5-2"...stock replacement K&N air filters...no air silencer...10W30 Mobil1 synthetic engine oil... TPS sensor set as close to 1Volt as possible...timing was advanced...94octane Chevron fuel(in the early '90's)...no A/C...Weld Draglite rims(9 1/2lb fronts at 3 1/2" wide, 35psi...and 11lb rears at 10" wide and 32psi).....Hmmmm, I'm fairly sure that was all that was done to those cars. And the thing is...those mods were done in the name of increased performance.

For ****s&giggles...I do recall doing SINGLE run hwy mileage recordings with these 2 cars. I also recorded a few 'city' tanks...17mpg if driving 'normal/fun'...20 if driving full 'Grandma' mode....all this while having over 225hp and much more torque on tap in a 3200lb car.
Car1 got 32mpg on a summer hwy cruise...I don't recall specifics other than that...but it was nearly a full tank worth I'm sure.
Car2 hit 34mpg hwy...average temps...not steep, but a good mix of hilly/flat terrain, very light on the throttle and VERY conscious of throttle usage overall...keeping speed between 90 and 100km/hr over a 6hr trip.
Car1 had a 2:73 rear end ratio and car2 had 3:08's...

Looking back on these cars now...I wonder how much the occasional full throttle fun-fest impacted their overall FE when calculating an average?

Anyways...just thought I'd throw that out there :D

101mpg 02-18-2008 03:30 AM

Welcome! We'd definitely like to know more about your current vehicles and your quest for fun vs. fuel economy. Put your vehicles in the garage and tell us what you'd like to do for tweaks.

I understand about having a bigger car and getting increased FE. Used to have a 1980 Pontiac Bonneville 2-door with the 5.7 V8 in it when I was in college. We fit 11 people in there once - no one in the trunk! I took it to a mechanic a friend recommended once for a tuneup. I came to pick it up, arrived and said I couldn't wait to turn it on so I could hear how it sounded after the full-on tuneup. The mechanic told me it already was running! I kid you not - he'd tuned it up so well you could not hear it idling. Got 30 MPG after that at freeway speeds with cruise, and it was a BOAT!

This is part of what impacted me in my quest for fuel economy over the years, knowing that a perfectly tuned engine can get great FE, regardless of the shell.

GasSavers_Loopie 02-20-2008 12:42 AM

Thx for the welcome:)

Not much point involving my '97 GMC Safari AWD with this site as the fuel consumption is about to take a big dive. It's due for a 5" lift and 31" tall offroad tires later in the spring...LOL

Selling off the old pickup truck and seeking a highly fuel efficient car that we'll use as much as we can and drop the Van down to 'second vehicle' status.
My search started with the Metro/Swift/Sprint/Firefly (which is how I found this site btw)...but then I learned a bit about the Saturns and I'm sold :) It is what I am currently shopping for.

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