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GasSavers_Loopie 02-20-2008 01:09 AM

Hello from BC, Canada
The old pickup truck is for sale...the '97 GMC Safari and a utility trailer will cover all required duties on that front. The van is getting lifted and 31" tires installed for offroad use...so I'll spare including it on this site;)

I am currently seeking a Saturn car to buy and hope to make it our 'main' vehicle and save substantially on fuel costs. My search started with Geo/Swift/Sprint/Firefly's...but then I discovered the Saturns and have decided it will be the best overall.
Purchase price range and model features have narrowed my search down to '95-'97 SW1's...SW2 or SL1-2 only if the deal is extraordinary...but the 100hp SW1 wagon is my #1 choice.

I probably won't get too crazy with seeking an almighty MPG figure...but the info/ideas/mods on this site are quite interesting and I'll sign up my car when I get it and we'll see what tweaks we get done:cool:


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