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BamZipPow 05-11-2008 03:14 PM

Adjustable grill block...fer a T-100!
I've been looking everywhere and haven't found one yet fer trucks or cars. All the ones I've seen are static/semi-permanent

Soooo...I decided I would try to make one myself. I wanted to keep the truck looking stock so physical alterations to the grill were out. I looked at Phil's T-100 truck and didn't see what his grill block looked like at all. I'm guessing that it's static as well. I wanted it to be adjustable from the inside of the truck so I wouldn't have to stop and git out to adjust/remove/close it. I know my design isn't a true vertical grill block but then again...I wanted some adjustment capability.

So I went with Coroplast since that was available from building my temp air dam.

I've gotten as far at taping it in place on the grill so I don't have my adjustment mechanism in place yet...but it will come. It's currently possible to open/close them from the outside of the truck and taping it in that position.

My T-100 grill has 3 main slots that I can put the grill block over. I'll only be blocking the top 2 slots fer now. Here are some quick piccies:


I want to put a spring that would keep it in the open mode by default and use the closing mechanism to close it when I needed it to.

I noticed that the Tundra's grill has angles similar to my grill block but they have holes in them and aren't adjustable at all. It sure would be neat if they had that capability... ;)

lunarhighway 05-12-2008 01:30 AM

i've been considdering a variable grillblock for quite some time but i still haven't got round to the actual actuaror bit.

my curent line of thought is to have something that electronicly controlled so i can hook it up to the radiator fan power line... obviously when the car "thinks" things are getting too hot it switches on the radiator and at that point you want to have as much cooling opening as possible... the only times untill now when the cars temp got near the top was in slow stop go traffic, so aero is not a concearn there. when i got moveing again the airflow trough the radiator was restored and things quickly dropped down again. so i think the trick is to have a maximum grillblock for average driveing conditions in place all the time to maximise aero benefits and only to have it open in when needed.

even if you go for a manual system i'd keep it normally closed but perhaps build it so that it will pop open when needed in when temps get to hot or when conditions are so that you think they would.

CryingStreetRacer 05-13-2008 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by lunarhighway (Post 99273)
even if you go for a manual system i'd keep it normally closed but perhaps build it so that it will pop open when needed in when temps get to hot or when conditions are so that you think they would.

Well, I am fairly good with electronic circuits n such. I have been thinking about a variable grill block as well. My heads are alluminum so they are more vulnerable to rapid cooling/heating than other materials, wich brings me to the same point you are, variable block.

I have considered two things: Using a magnetic relay to activate an appropriate servo to pull down a bit of flat(yet forgivingly bendable:]) plexy. The trick would be to balance spring power to keep the plexi hatch shut, versus a servo strong enough to pull the hatch down to allow airflow...

Some adjustment to the size of the hatch would be necesary... The only thing is I would need to rig it so that when the relay activated servo stops turning, and the relay is open again, another servo pulls the first back...unless I used a heavier spring...

Cooling is most essential during idling yes? While the air intake needs the most air during acceleration?

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