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lunarhighway 06-17-2008 01:24 PM

new front wheel dams
just a mock up so far.

today i filled in the openings beside my aluminum undertray with coroplast.

i think the tires could use some deflectors, and while the suspention is pretty well shielded a small dam in front if the wheelwell might help to keep the air from getting sucked in, and deflect it towards the center.

on the other hand i think the car was designed to allow some air in to cool the brakes so i think i'll make a hole in the coroplast fillers so the high pressure in front of the dam will force some air into the hole and onto the brakes.

might also prevent lift from occuring there causing funky handling.

maybe some air comming of the large part of the flap will go underneath too wich is the right spot to help break cooling as well.

i like the curves as it all seems to blend with the original bumper, but of course form should follow function so perhaps a continuous height dam is better.

any thoughts on this design?

COMP 06-18-2008 04:44 PM

if you don't do a lot of long down hill breaking i wouldn't sweat the breaks alot

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