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jus7tdi 06-07-2012 02:58 AM

Fleet average, fleet median, fleet variance
When I look up a certain car model, I see a histogram of all the per-unique-car averages.

I do not see a fleet (*) average, fleet median, fleet variance or any other statistic that pertains to a certain fleet.

Why not? Fleet numbers would be very useful to know. And variance is interesting, too, because it shows the impact of driver and driving conditions.

While at it, it would also be handy to see median and variance on a per-unique-car basis.

(*) By fleet I mean the set of all cars of a certain model, as defined by the current model/year and filter settings.

I have looked int the forum for this and I only found a discussion of how fleet averages should be calculated. This is a relevant and important topic as well.

pb 06-07-2012 03:02 AM

This is something we're thinking about. We've talked about adding averages by model across model years—I think that would be interesting to see.

If you want to see averages for a specific model year, you can jump out to the model page. For example, here's the Toyota Prius. There are averages for each model year. I think it'd be interesting to see the average across all model years.

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