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  1. Need advise on buying imported Civic VX engine
  2. Civic Vx Oxygen Sensor from Majestic Honda - $142.32
  3. Where does this small hose go on my Metro?
  4. Manual hubs locked on the highway, what might be broken?
  5. Honda D15B7 to D16Z6 swap
  6. ? about diagnostic tools
  7. Air Intake System rebuild questions
  8. VX Shift Light Location
  9. Civic VX VIN Info
  10. Saturn S-series door question
  11. VX warm start issue...
  12. manual tranny question
  13. CRX HF tune up suggestions?
  14. Can anyone identify this engine?
  15. Any Comprehensive List of Seat Weights / Comfort?
  16. Replacing heater hose on Civic VX
  17. Nissan timing marks, 96 P/U with KA24E
  18. MSD 6A questions
  19. Seat slider differences on CRX's?
  20. Spring/Strut Removal
  21. R12 Air Con coming soon :)
  22. honda help!
  23. 1.8L SOHC Laser/Eclipse/Talon
  24. What does EG and EK mean?
  25. vinyl seat repair?
  26. where are the freeze plugs?
  27. Pontiac Fierro and Drivability
  28. Civic VX catalytic converter
  29. vx tank type block heater
  30. dead battery?
  31. 88 civic climate contol in crx?
  32. 96 Nissan Pick Up problem
  33. More VX Info, Factory Dyno Plot, and calculation request
  34. ? about vss for 92 civic vx
  35. Car Title Question
  36. VX Trouble starting in cold weather
  37. `92 VX idleing problem
  38. VX o2 Sensor
  39. Hello!
  40. VX lean burn monitor - enhanced how to desired
  41. ScanGuage doesn't read intake temperatures.
  42. Myth? Plugged EGR burns geo metro exhaust valves?
  43. ? for dmm user's, monitoring lean burn
  44. Scan Guage II related question.
  45. Cali VX Oxygen Sensor confusion
  46. D15B VTEC /w P06 ECU + 5 Wire O2?
  47. VX engine build/swap (in-progress) w/ pics
  48. Smogging D15Z1 swap in a CX/DX hatchback (California)
  49. Civic EX with VX swap
  50. Civic HX and EX hoods weigh diff?
  51. mid 1980's civic had 170F thermostats?
  52. 99 Metro Injection Type?
  53. Bump starting and clutch health
  54. is this a d15z1?? (JDM d15b)
  55. Engine Noise - Possible Engine Bearing Issue?
  56. Civic Vx brakes problem
  57. vx idleing to fast
  58. Oil Change Intervals
  59. Frequency Counter as FE Meter?
  60. 99 Chevy Metro 3cyl help!
  61. VX with no O2 sensor - California or 49 state?
  62. Engine/Tranny swaps for hf
  63. Back from my road trip. Guess my range.
  64. Cleaning up alloy rims
  65. window defrosting methods?
  66. Do I have a CEL or what? Calling all CRX HF-Z1 swappers...
  67. CRX HF (D15B6) Valve clearances
  68. what tranny do i have?
  69. Overinflation - Is there a tire mileage penalty?
  70. What the difference between VX and SI seats? 1992-1995
  71. Seafoam lowered my idle!
  72. Covered my Cat Converter ( bellypan )
  73. Who replaced his LAF sensor (O2 sensor, Civic Vx)?
  74. software/hardware
  75. New ScanGaugeII and upgrading Old II
  76. how much resistance for spark plug wires?
  77. has anyone tried these?
  78. Alternator/battery light problem
  79. 560 mile road trip coming up, predict my range
  80. A Belgian member needs help for a little problem (Civic Vx, D15Z1 engine).
  81. Saturn burning oil
  82. update - '94 rusted out civic patched up a bit
  83. First Tank Results CRX HF/DX
  84. 1991 CRX workshop manual
  85. LRR Tire Guide
  86. How hard is it to install a tach?
  87. digital clock in 1991 CRX HF
  88. Preventing crummy brake rotors when parked outside?
  89. VX "headlight on" signal question
  90. Any one have the results from their emissions testing?
  91. Is the VX negative switching or positive?
  92. Pictures posted
  93. Vx PCV Valve...Is it working?
  94. Geo timing belts
  95. Civic cx/vx intake pipe and filter....Same size?
  96. Rockauto Parts Discount
  97. Adding A/C to a non A/C VX?!
  98. Bump starting causing starting issues
  99. Using boost for mileage
  100. '95 Civic CX HB with '93 VX wheelset-Tire Question
  101. $79 5 wire O2 sensor - who has bought one?
  102. Vxes and the snow
  103. Integra cluster into 91 CRX....
  104. CA VX O2 sensor wanted
  105. NGK OEM spark plugs bad - Bosch platinum plugs good????
  106. Installed My New Oxygen Sensor And Now The Check Engine Light Is On! Help!!!
  107. Converting to a FED VX
  108. is the p07 the stock VX ECU?
  109. Vx Eacv Fyi
  110. Charging system problem light came on
  111. Would you buy a 92 Civic CX with a blown head gasket???
  112. Power loss while cruising in Saturn
  113. VX shift light question
  114. Seafoam..>Do I need to change My SPARK PLUGS After?
  115. What synthetic oil are you using???? And HoW oFtEn YoU cHaNgE iT?
  116. Skooled by local mechanic
  117. IACV and EGR where is it located...? And how do I clean it?
  118. rust question
  119. Wierd clicking noise.
  120. How often do you change your manual transmission fluid?
  121. Battery Questions
  122. D Series Honda Motor Questions?
  123. Major Accord Servicing
  124. Lean burn idiot light for a VX
  125. Paid SVOboy a visit!
  126. Saturn SL Occasional grind into fifth
  127. Putting XFi pistons in the Flea - questions...
  128. What speakers do you use in your Vx?
  129. When is it time to change rotor cap plugs and wires
  130. No engine light on VX
  131. Car title sez VX - Motor is ??? - Please HELP!
  132. Where can I get cruise Control for a 1995 Civic VX???
  133. Where can I get cruise Control for a 1995 Civic VX???
  134. Saturn idle RPM changing according to speed
  135. Civic owners:Q on temp guage
  136. Strange decrease in mpg with VX when driving 65 mph instead of 72
  137. basic oil change question
  138. electrical system on the blink?
  139. Location of the A/C Expansion Valve 1995 Civic VX
  140. More VX woes.. this time stalling, lunging on acceleration and tach needle went crazy
  141. O2 sensor voltage fluctuation wildly
  142. 1988 CRXDX DPFI dizzy work on a 1991 CRXDX DPFI?
  143. Faster in gear than in Neutral
  144. Eagle Research EFIE Online ...
  145. Stripped Oil Pan Bolt
  146. 3 wheels in the grave?
  147. VX Drum Brake Troubleshooting
  148. light battery?
  149. DIY flex fuel, hydrogen, natural gas, ???
  150. CRX HF Engine Replacement Questions
  151. Carburator diaphragm question
  152. valve adjustment
  153. Plasma (Ignition) Booster?
  154. Performance Underdrive Pulleys?
  155. Help me find out the problem
  156. Help me DIY my old corroded brakes!!
  157. how long before scan guage arrives?
  158. Please explain this code: P0466 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
  159. Timing problem with a VX
  160. Saturn 5th Gear Swap Online ...
  161. 95 Metro Service Manual
  162. Added headers, improved efficiency
  163. Should I buy this VX?
  164. Will an exhaust leak have an effect on FE?
  165. Oddly low idle speed with filter in place
  166. retrofitting a tachometer?
  167. Throttle Body problem?
  168. water in my exhaust?
  169. Question about car battery sulfation
  170. The civic rattle problem
  171. Should I attempt a SS header-exhaust on my VX
  172. What order? Auto to manual, MPFI Swap and possible Cluster Swap..
  173. Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Gauge Online ...
  174. Why is my idle high?
  175. Oxygen sensor wrap
  176. need help with scan gauge
  177. overinflation and suspension
  178. ice32-does it work?
  179. Fuel cut-off threshold speeds
  180. Found something about my Cavalier that surprised me...
  181. Request for a tutorial on this DIY Immobilizer...
  182. High Coolant Temps
  183. Motorcycle battery
  184. Funny Craigslist posting
  185. hard start Civic VX
  186. deep cycle battery for starting a metro?
  187. bike rack
  188. Aesthetics questions
  189. VX Clutch Problem Need Feedback ASAP
  190. low gas indicator in VX
  191. Having a few problems with my new car
  192. Saturn throw-out bearing
  193. Am I being scammed on premium gas?
  194. Can't get timing right
  195. Best temperature for better FE?
  196. oil change intervals?
  197. Car trouble woes
  198. VX rpm and speed - what do your gauges read?
  199. Good LRR review in Europe for the new Hankook Optimo K715
  200. VX Transmission expert needed
  201. To the wiring experts......modifying factory CC
  202. Hacking a Renix Jeep Cruise Control
  203. FYI: Honda Seat Belts Replaced for FREE!
  204. DIY strut tower brace question
  205. Q&A on Power Brakes
  206. Hyundai Excel manual gearbox question
  207. Hacking the Saturn Cruise Control ...
  208. Cruise Control in Civic
  209. 92-95 Civic owners -a Q
  210. Possum on Brick
  211. Retrofitting an '88 Legend FE display.
  212. Not getting impressive fuel economy with the Civic
  213. Grille Block advice....
  214. grill block - engine temp - VX
  215. Suspension Ignorance!
  216. Coolant Fan Temperature Switch
  217. VX engine swap
  218. Sable Idle Speed
  219. Charge light in CRX
  220. Rust! Anybody do DIY undercoating?
  221. Aftermarket stainless steel exhaust questions
  222. clutch problem VX
  223. Civic VX tune up
  224. Second 02 sensor
  225. Possible consequences of not changing your tranny fluid?
  226. VX specific owners manual?
  227. Low power consumption cd player
  228. Deer whistles - do they really work?
  229. Help removing rear window from a car
  230. AC in VX
  231. VX start up squeek?
  232. Changing tranny fluid 95 civic DX HB
  233. It seems everybody is going WOT
  234. How hard would it be to swap a VX engine & tranny into a 4 door civic?
  235. Honda Online Parts Catalog and online OEM parts
  236. Horn kinda sucks
  237. VX Spark Plugs
  238. Thermoelectric Airconditioning
  239. New VX O2 sensor installed
  240. VX rear wheel hubs -anyone replaced theirs?
  241. civic model years for VX swap
  242. EPA Revised all MPG estimates on www.fueleconomy.gov
  243. New Intake thermometer
  244. 97 chevy cavalier 2.2 4cyl
  245. 1969 lincoln continetal 4door(suicide) engine/transmission
  246. Converting numeric to current tire sizes.
  247. The metro is having a few problems.
  248. Different size tires
  249. Ball joints this weekend :)
  250. VX Tranny oil Q