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  1. Wiperless windshields
  2. CNET eccomodder article
  3. 100 MPG Pruis - Australian Silicon Chip mag.
  4. another species extinct every three hours
  5. The Petroleum Industry Earnings In Perspective
  6. MAGNETS...made real easy...
  7. BioFuels - Panacea, or (PANIC) See Ya!!
  8. Algae To Oil - Renewed Interests from 1980's Research
  9. Actor Jack Nicholson on traffic lights and solar power
  10. Basjoos' Civic seen on TechEBlog
  11. GM envisions driverless cars
  12. autospeed on the right track
  13. Sunshine to Petrol Project: Gas from Sunlight
  14. Something for Everyone
  15. The Smart For Two
  16. US D.O.E Vehicle Technologies Program Webpage
  17. LRR Tires: Green Push Headed Toward Tire Makers
  18. Tire Influence on Passenger Vehicle Economy
  19. Popular Mechanics online
  20. 2008 Green Car of the Year: Tahoe???
  21. energy feed-in laws
  22. gas on the rise again
  23. Double your gas mileage(video)
  24. Can we bury CO2 in North Dakota prairie?
  25. New Yorker Book Review
  26. Prius Minivan? LA Times article
  27. December 1st 95 and older Calif cars will be evap tested
  28. Water situation could eclipse oil situation?
  29. Bob Dylan endorses Cadillacs?!?
  30. Upcoming cars and trends!!
  31. Prius at Bonneville Salt Flats
  32. First ethanol blender pumps appear in MN
  33. New type of battery
  34. Air Power
  35. Solar powered PC system
  36. custom FE monitor + tachometer article
  37. New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production
  38. Tire Pressure Inflation - what is too much?
  39. This is why nothing gets done
  40. Fumes from Mammoth Poo Pose Threat
  41. Australians not helping
  42. Traffic congestion costs us bigtime...
  43. Climate Change video, action v/s inaction
  44. Chrysler's Gas-Free Future
  45. Arctic Ice Continues Record Melting
  46. life support is gone for many species
  47. US Forest chief: Use trees to make ethanol
  48. Wayne Gerdes drives a Eurocivic ....
  49. DoD article on fossil fuels
  50. Autospeed article: Little Diesels - Lightweight cars with exceptional fuel economy
  51. German researchers reduce Golf fuel consumption 25% with mods
  52. New Honda Fit
  53. Ford econetic
  54. GM unveils diesel-like gasoline engines
  55. Global warming--not convinced
  56. Pics of new Daihatsu Cuore
  57. Pics of new (lightweight?) Ford Fiesta - coming to US in 09
  58. All New Nissan Models to Feature Fuel Efficiency Gauge
  59. Check this out 2.6 million miles!!!!!!!!
  60. GM wins 'Corporate Energy Management of the Year' award
  61. Oil Companies Are Using a Simple Trick to Bilk Consumers out of Billions
  62. New Chevrolet Aveo to Debut in Frankfurt
  63. Thank Uncle Sam for high gas prices
  64. Here's a comic I found today:
  65. Fridge open for 6 years
  66. Mercedes Stop-start technology
  67. th!nk
  68. Sugar in the gas tank [Alternative Fuels]
  69. Honda to resurrect the CRX? (2011?)
  70. True Cost of U.S. Gasoline is $15.14 per Gallon, Report Says
  71. bmw turbosteamer
  72. Commentary on alternative-fuel vehicles
  73. Not to get overly political on GS, but...
  74. Oil Squeeze coming
  75. The "low car" diet: www.portlandlowcardiet.com
  76. Civic Hatchback (VX) sales brochure / articles
  77. MSU to receive $50 mil to study biofuels
  78. Room for improvement in biofuel production
  79. Senate Approves Fuel Standard of 35 MPG By 2020
  80. Big oil companies spared tax hikes
  81. eCycle Hybrid Motorcycle 180 mpg
  82. Increased Federal Credit for EV and PHEV Proposed
  83. Helping Hummer
  84. Solo commuting rates basically unaffected by gas prices
  85. Driver Ticketed for Using Biofuel
  86. Ford to Sell Jaguar, Land Rover
  87. GM: Petrol is Dead
  88. 2008 Smart car diesel: 71mpg US, 88 gCO2/km
  89. Your gas tank may not be as full as you think
  90. American Trucking Association Says: Don't Draft! - id's two websites promoting it
  91. U.S. economy's fate in Saudi hands
  92. API Claims Hypermilers Drive Hybrids "Almost Exclusively"
  93. an air car?
  94. Yet another reason why long commutes are BAD!
  95. Hypermilers
  96. SUV Owners Say "Not So Fast"
  97. $1M media blitz by automakers to oppose CAFE increase!
  98. How bio fuels could starve the poor
  99. As Vancouver gas prices soar, so does transit use
  100. It was in the Wall Street Journal: 16MAY07
  101. U.S. Cars Show No Fuel-Efficiency Gains in 2006
  102. Smart Car: Short But Sweet
  103. Paying the Price For An Suv
  104. Can one person slow global warming?
  105. Honda weighs safety cuts to qualify for CDN efficiency rebate
  106. Nenpimania!
  107. GM's idiocy shown in small car "greenwashing" bait & switch
  108. Pics of 1930's German streamlined cars.
  109. Nissan Factory hypermiling team: 1000 km / 38 mpg in a V6 Skyline
  110. Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage
  111. mercedes bionic (.19 cd, 4cyl cdi 70mpg)
  112. $3.+ Gas Prices coming soon! Whoa!
  113. Boron: A Better Energy Carrier Than Hydrogen?
  114. Electronic Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy
  115. Electronic Engine Management
  116. Gas costs back on road to $3
  117. 2002-2006 Honda odometers not accurate
  118. My ideal daily driver
  119. new car coming to america
  120. Green Car Journal
  121. Hypercar!
  122. California to ban traditional light bulbs?
  123. "$2500 Cars, 1000 MPG"
  124. EU chief backs strict automobile emissions standards
  125. Bush to ask Americans to stop guzzling gas
  126. Biobutanol: Discussion in the UK
  127. U.S. automakers request government welfare handouts for battery research
  128. Could you not buy a new item for one year?
  129. This Guy Can Get 59 MPG in a Plain Old Accord. Beat That, Punk.
  130. 1999 Future Car Project
  131. 116mpg in a geo xfi in Road and track magazine
  132. EPA Proposes First Onboard Diagnostic Systems (OBD) for New Large Trucks and Buses
  133. Japan Planning Even Tougher Fuel Economy Requirements
  134. Review: 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show
  135. Newsflash: American car buyers still stupid
  136. Losing weight = Greater Fuel Efficiency
  137. Short video: Boston's Altwheels festival
  138. BMW looking to take more drivers for a spin - 1 series to be sold in Canada
  139. Study: Improvements in Large Truck Aerodynamics Could Save Nearly One Billion Gallons
  140. HAHA: GM executives believe that electric vehicles are the future
  141. Electric Mini Cooper
  142. 314 miles per hour in an Electric car
  143. 3145 mpg car
  144. The 175 Watt Solution: Big companies taking concept of electric bicycles seriously
  145. Gassavers & Matt get some love from autobloggreen.com
  146. rolling resistance article from tire rack tech
  147. Change a Light, Change the World
  148. European Prius Recalls -- Steering
  149. 7-Eleven Dropping Venezuela-Backed Citgo
  150. Electrical power and cars.
  151. The end of fuel economy in America?
  152. Google.org to develop an engine?
  153. MetroMPG shames Suzuki into replacing Swift
  154. Vast Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico
  155. US drivers hop on scooters to dodge rising gas prices
  156. Motors in the wheels
  157. Hydraulic Hybrid
  158. tonneau cover
  159. Consumer Reports: Fuel economy most important to car buyers
  160. Ethanol-gas mix is a problem for Franklin
  161. Some ridic article by some fool
  162. Car motors will disappear ? into the wheels: Siemens VDO starts eCorner development
  163. An Electric Car Unlike Any Other: 1,000 HP and Skinny as a Motorcycle
  164. eBox: AC Propulsion's xB conversion
  165. Legacy spec.B pours on tech, spares fuel
  166. Toyota Grand Prius
  167. What?s your Hybridfest 2006 "Display" going to look like?
  168. FE Test after Wheels, Spoilers, Added to HCH II: Pics & Techniques:
  169. Gear, Engine, and MTF Oils
  170. Volume Corrected Gas Pumps
  171. GM offers gas-price cap for SUV buyers
  172. Fuel Economy at high speeds measured
  173. 470mpg motorcycle in real world tests
  174. Volkwagon Creates Fuel Efficient Prototype - 235MPG!!!
  175. OLED's are here - Organic Light Emitting Diodes
  176. Aerodynamic auto designs, past and present, and their possible implications
  177. hill driving techniques
  178. Algae - like a breath mint for smokestacks (reduced power plant waste, new biodiesel source, etc.)
  179. Geo Metro achieves 98.96 miles per gallon
  180. The Truth about Gas
  181. New Fuel Efficient Tires Could Save Long Islanders $150 And Reduce U.S. Oil Dependancy By 275,000 Barrels a Day
  182. Driving on the freeway with Cruise Control, the smart way.
  183. Keeping Your Car in Shape
  184. The Tornado Fuel Saver: Does it really work?
  185. Wheel Balance and MPG
  186. Parking Brakes and Fuel Economy?
  187. Car, Van, and Light Truck Disc Brakes and Fuel Economy
  188. Low Cost Auto Checks Can Save Fuel Dollars
  189. Best Gas Mileage Car
  190. 147 Million Gallons of Wasted Gas? It's a Drop in the Bucket.
  191. Reducing Aerodynamic Drag
  192. Will Rolling Down Windows Save Fuel or Not?
  193. Simple Water Injection System
  194. The Khaos Super Turbo Charger
  195. Vacuum, Timing and Fuel Economy: in Non-Computer Assisted Engines
  196. Driving Tips from the Department of Energy
  197. Reasons for picking a fuel efficient car
  198. A New Car Versus a Used Car
  199. Spark Plug Comparison Test
  200. Why Not Switch to Electric Cars?
  201. "Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates
  202. Planning and combinging trips