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  1. Fuelly Site Update
  2. Account suspended for15 minutes
  3. Travelin' Man
  4. Can't Add Vehicle
  5. Fixed: Don't want gallons need litres
  6. Banner issue
  7. Cant add new vehicle (Web)
  8. Doing it right?
  9. Need Options to set AWD, 4 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel Drive
  10. Missing topics after spam attack
  11. Can I download my data?
  12. Working As Designed: help with Fuelly settings...!
  13. New vehicle with zero miles?
  14. Mobile App won't remember my ID
  15. Unconfirmed: Poor resolution displayed in L/100KM
  16. For Future Release BUG: Analysis screens for a given year of car always graph in US MPG
  17. Please unretire two of my vehicles
  18. SMS sent to wrong vehicle
  19. Texts not updating anymore
  20. New Speedo, mileage reset
  21. Kia Sportage
  22. Add a new car.
  23. Engine choices, too many and too confusing
  24. Apple app showing 198mpg!
  25. Annual notes bug
  26. ques. about miles per year traveled
  27. Tags seem to be broken
  28. determining highway vs city percentages
  29. Odometer Reading v/s Miles traveled
  30. Total Spent
  31. Import Fuelly csv
  32. Temporarily Change Currency/Fuel Units
  33. Import csv
  34. Units
  35. Two Accord hybrids
  36. Partial Fuel-Up distorts MPG
  37. Incorrect mileage calculation
  38. Help with this recording process please
  39. MPG dfference
  40. Fixed: Fuel ups not updating data
  41. Fuel-ups/Mileage Leaders on Fuelly
  42. Motorcycles listed under Cars
  43. Fuelly account disabled
  44. A couple of UX suggestions for fill-up form
  45. Adding fuel info from months past
  46. For Future Release Dashboard across garage
  47. Flagging wrong averages
  48. Calculations compared to other apps
  49. tips
  50. disabled/locked account
  51. Cars listed with incorrect engine - skewing results
  52. Editing a post
  53. Old data incorrectly converted?
  54. For Future Release Allow Entry Of "Overridden" Costs/Fill, Cost/Gal.?
  55. What defines an "Active Member"?
  56. Importing Average MPG
  57. Fixed: Imported data off by one day in Fuelly app
  58. what is fuelly average based on?
  59. Gas Cubby to aCar; iOS to Android
  60. EPA fuel estimates outdated?
  61. Mobile Web input
  62. Log Book > Display 'x' Records Behavior
  63. Request to Remove "View New Messages" Banner Ad
  64. error in monthly average consumtion chart
  65. Removing a vehicle
  66. For Future Release Charts of interest
  67. vehicle base odometer data
  68. fuel price data field accuracy
  69. For Future Release Graph by price
  70. Recent Activity hyperlinks
  71. What is a gallon?
  72. Change ownership ?
  73. Poster location
  74. Select a Location
  75. MPG Issues with second hand car
  76. "Best in garage"
  77. Limit to high-mileage between fuel-ups?
  78. No 2015 mini stats field yet
  79. Type of fuel and where purchased
  80. Recovering Retired Vehicle
  81. Accurate fuel up question
  82. Newbie questions
  83. Database Error
  84. city / hwy slider issue
  85. MPG not being calculated...
  86. Retired vehicles not showing in profile?
  87. L/100km is not calculated when I add a fuel up !?
  88. Missing entries from sept and oct.
  89. Filliing up in litres
  90. Missing MPG
  91. Multiple Currencies
  92. Different tire offsets
  93. Setting help
  94. Fuel up problem - can't enter litres
  95. Fixed: Invisible odometer
  96. Can we get an automatic tally of total gallons used?
  97. Wrong Fill Up Entry
  98. Log Out
  99. Help changing input units
  100. Missing engine types
  101. Calculates using the wrong miles regardless of what I enter
  102. Missed fuel-ups? Option not appearing
  103. Fixed: Mileage between fill ups is wrong. *Entry Error*
  104. discrepancy between fuelly calculation and mine?
  105. Not a 'pick-up'
  106. Adding Fuel in USA!
  107. Problem with mini stats
  108. 1 car out of 6 requires odometer, others trip meter
  109. Average Gallons Per Fillup
  110. Fuelly on new phone via SMS
  111. adding new vehicle
  112. Avg KM/Tank
  113. Mileage not updating
  114. Web site icon different since update
  115. Odometer reading vs. Mile since last fill up
  116. Calculations off?
  117. iOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 6 Plus not working
  118. 2015 soul
  119. unable to enter . on Note 3
  120. Miles
  121. Mini Stats > What is a "Month"?
  122. For Future Release Just an idea
  123. Number of cars vs. MPG bar graph
  124. For Future Release Log Book - Gallons out to 3 decimals
  125. Average Consumption (MPG) graph
  126. Not convinced!
  127. 3rd party API needed badly
  128. Notes Not Showing in Mobile App
  129. Add fuel asking for gallons not litres
  130. Unknown Error Adding New Vehicle
  131. "Partial fuel-ups and fuel-ups following a partial fuel-up will not display an MPG"
  132. Missing a vehicle from my garage...
  133. Display inconsistencies
  134. Working As Designed: system not calculating mpg if last fuel up was partial.
  135. For Future Release Database Search
  136. For Future Release Log Book display of Odomoter Reading, too
  137. Question about basic stats
  138. Dashboard settings
  139. signed up but get error on log in
  140. CSV Import not working
  141. Different mpg when not logged in
  142. Top Ups vs Partial Fill
  143. 3 decimals
  144. Fuelly app and mobile not allowing fillup
  145. Working As Designed: MPG Not displaying in Log Book
  146. For Future Release Adding average MPG to graph.
  147. Incorrect mileage calculation
  148. Vehicle info not posting
  149. Not allowing to add fillup
  150. Working As Designed: Units
  151. DaveT
  152. City vs Hwy
  153. Not Being Allowed to Switch Between Gallons & L per 100 km
  154. Error Code When Entering Kms
  155. Error w/ same-day fillups
  156. Lost all my fuel ups for my Vehicle!
  157. m.fuelly.com not defaulting to numeric data entry on blackberry
  158. Mobile web not accepting new fuel ups
  159. A bit strange...
  160. Editing an entry on website, can't change the date
  161. Unable to enter fuel up
  162. not allowing an apostrophe in a name is LAZY CODING
  163. Car disappeared from Garage !
  164. New website format is a bit annoying
  165. Signature Banners
  166. Time Zone on Settings page
  167. No HTTPS?
  168. fully not calc mpg after last 3 fuel-up logs
  169. Importing fuel ups from the phone
  170. Fill Ups entered not displaying ...
  171. Fixed: Reconnecting to your Social Media accounts
  172. How to account for accidentally resetting trip meter
  173. Combine duplicate models?
  174. For Future Release Automatic Exports of Fuel-Up Data / Backups?
  175. Update has lost my July fill-up data?
  176. Fixed: Can't delete reminders for non-existent vehicles
  177. For Future Release Engine category
  178. Error 503: Cannot upload Pictures
  179. Fixed: Needs a new Option for fuelups
  180. Throw out obviously bad data?
  181. Adding Fuel-Ups via SMS = Awesome
  182. Latest fill up not displaying correctly in stats or logbook
  183. Graph showing 8/31 fill-up as September
  184. Updates have made site worse
  185. cant enter in litres
  186. Duplicate Engine Types
  187. Vehicle Photo Upside Down
  188. City vs. Highway charts not in sync
  189. Thanks for the mobile site fix!
  190. MPG not working.
  191. contact us page asking for reCAPTCHA?
  192. last fuelup not showing
  193. Website security problems (https not enforced)
  194. Badge displaying wrong MPG
  195. RAM 1500 Diesel - needs engine merging
  196. Love this site, but...
  197. Spelling Issue with "Sharing" message
  198. android update..can't enter decimals.
  199. No import CSV under Basic Stats
  200. Joining and taking part
  201. km dont work
  202. Working As Designed: Edited Fuel-up
  203. What does the line on the bottom means of the Chart of all fuel-ups
  204. City mileage percentage issue
  205. "Overview" of vehicle make
  206. Activation email not sent.
  207. For Future Release Request: Tracking average speed
  208. User/Fuelup Time/RSS Inconsitency
  209. Odometer message incorrect prevents continuation
  210. out-of-order fillups
  211. Usability: Odometer rollover creates errors re: Older Fuelup >= current fuelup
  212. No decimal in the old AND new 2.0 APP!
  213. Incorrect High MPG's not filtered out
  214. Incorrect fuel price conversion
  215. For Future Release Errors with 2005-2014 Toyota Tacoma Vehicle Options
  216. All I Am Seeing Is Site Map
  217. MPG not calculated
  218. Mismatch on average consumption between dashboard and basic stat page
  219. 2014 Ram engine types
  220. Not Remembering IOS logins
  221. Web Err: Clicking the 'X' causes an error.
  222. Usability bug: hard to find SMS designators
  223. Fixed: Basic Stats - MiniStats - LastTank not correct
  224. Mileage calculated incorrectly
  225. Back on Fuelly after many years
  226. miles per gallon reads 0
  227. Incorrect body style listed
  228. Miles per tank not calculatedproperly
  229. My L/KM and L/100KM is not working.
  230. The MPG charts are not updating properly
  231. Contact page CAPATCHA Error
  232. Login Error
  233. Recent Activity
  234. Was this spam from Fuelly?
  235. Cars not found under research
  236. Recent Activity
  237. Latest fuel up not showing.
  238. Slow Page Loading
  239. UK Units Will Not Display
  240. 24-hour format time
  241. Weird "Invalid price" error with SMS
  242. Units mixup?
  243. Difference between graph and list
  244. city% slider messed up
  245. Fuelly on Other Sites
  246. Why does average calculate incorrectly like this?
  247. Towing/Hauling feature
  248. All messed up
  249. I don't show up in the recent activity
  250. MPG value is zero