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  1. Dashboard showing mpg in US even though set to UK
  2. Inaccurate fillups
  3. Custom vehicle
  4. Fuel-up gets marked as 'partial' gastracker [Logged]
  5. Custom stats display issues
  6. Confirmed: Odometer Number incorrect [Logged]
  7. Miles instead of litres
  8. Unconfirmed: Filter by engine type not working
  9. Confirmed: Bike incorrectly categorized after update
  10. For Future Release Total cost of fill-up - feature needed
  11. Missing Cars
  12. Missing Motorcycles
  13. For Future Release Uploading images
  14. Fixed: Homepage SSL Error
  15. For Future Release Fueling time
  16. Confirmed: Make request form error
  17. Confirmed: Bikes Missing
  18. Confirmed: add vehicle link not working (.gas link)
  19. Fixed: Custom Photo Change
  20. Working As Designed: How to change default car for fill-up in GasTracker+
  21. notes/tags for previous fuel up
  22. Public API
  23. Fixed: Numbers keyboard on mobile site
  24. Feature suggestion: adjusted fuel economy
  25. Downtime Notice: Tuesday June 10
  26. Downtime Notice: Tuesday June 10
  27. Fuel economy not being calculated
  28. My car is not easily found
  29. First Entry - how to .....
  30. How to?
  31. Revive a retired car?
  32. Recent Fuel-ups Not Updating
  33. The Data in this website is vast! Can you please add reports? Please Comment to VOTE
  34. Switch fill up units on-the-fly - heading back across the border and dreading it :-(
  35. Doesn't Show MPG on All Entries ...
  36. IOS/Safari won't allow selection of engine type or trans
  37. EPA estimate issue
  38. I Want This Malibu - 16,448 MPG!
  39. Engine Model Description
  40. Mobile web view on Android Crome problem
  41. Metric2 swallowed by Metric
  42. Top 10, really?
  43. 50,000 miles
  44. Mpg of my Prius is 1.9? Are you kidding?
  45. Report incorrect vehicle information and other mistakes here
  46. Swapping Car Categories
  47. Banner Pic - large banner
  48. MPG Issue
  49. UK Settings
  50. Android app on S5 cannot be used....
  51. MPG not displaying
  52. Fuel consumption pro capita
  53. android app login fail
  54. Logging accurate mpg on Chevy Volt
  55. MPG Not Calculating
  56. First upload question
  57. Spam
  58. Won't let me add my second fuel up
  59. Unconfirmed: No way to SMS update a shared vehicle?
  60. "Total spent" doesn't add up ??!!
  61. Having problems getting "fuel mileage" setting applied
  62. Does fuelly have a service log option?
  63. privacy/sharing settings
  64. Engine swap for fuel data
  65. Problem with Android app
  66. Fuelly Beta testers needed
  67. Percent of Official Rating
  68. popup makes it unusable on android
  69. Add a fuel-up window not showing?
  70. Odometer correction factor
  71. Maintenance Log
  72. Bad members throwing off entire AVG fuelly data for 1 year
  73. Mobile app and web page tracking data don't match
  74. Fuelly data not carrying forward to Frontier forum
  75. Request to modify UI- Order of fields
  76. HELP! Wife Deleted a car by mistake
  77. SMS Entry not getting response
  78. MPG Not Registered on Each Fill Up
  79. Fuelly data is way off.
  80. Average mpg uk 2014 calculation wrong
  81. Option to display fuel use chart by distance or time
  82. Badge mpg vs Running mpg for Badsge display
  83. Social Integration request
  84. website data bug from recent change ? OR is it just me ?
  85. Mobile App shows no information in garage
  86. Can I remove one fill up?
  87. Fuelly Site Logo fail?
  88. Last and best l/100kms not displayed
  89. Mini Stats, Price per Kilometer
  90. Entering data, total cost + litres = calc $/l
  91. Vehicle Not Listed
  92. Country currency switch
  93. Why doesn't MPG numbers show in the MPG column?
  94. If first fuel-up is partial...
  95. GasSavers Gaslog Transfer
  96. Adding a new model on to Fuelly
  97. Welcome former GasSavers.org members!
  98. Android 4.3 missing decimal point
  99. Filtered total distance tracked for a model year incorrect
  100. Server Time
  101. Gas Savers joins Fuelly
  102. Fuelly Forum Upgrade
  103. Android app stopped working
  104. Fuelly graph all - Chrome cant select a range. Firefox can
  105. Yes, more searching options please.
  106. Found a bug
  107. Fill ups in fuelly stopped calculating mpg?
  108. Qashqai tekna
  109. Mobile site input order
  110. Select * from Car order by MPG asc
  111. Where did my car data go?!
  112. AVG fuel per length travelled lower than the best
  113. Outliers in Browse Vehicles
  114. Wrong MPG Calculations
  115. Browsing Alt Fuel Vehicles
  116. City/Hwy based on time, miles or fuel?
  117. Fuelly App
  118. Notes Drop Down Menu
  119. 2003 BMW 316 • Gas L4 Hatchback (Manual) Specs
  120. No internet, can i just save the refueling data?
  121. distance not showing in log book
  122. Differences between free and pay Gas Cubby versions?
  123. University Survey
  124. Facebook and what is shared/shown?
  125. L/100km not showing
  126. Fuelup-via-SMS outdated
  127. Fuely keeps on modifying my fuel-ups
  128. Can you re-order vehicles
  129. How do I turn the graphs on?
  130. Monday Forum glitch
  131. Fuelly vs EPA estimated mileage error
  132. Garage Search Function does not work, never seemed to
  133. Aggregate stats
  134. Concerns coming over from Gas Cubby
  135. Ultragauge: Do I need to reset AVG mpg at every fill up?
  136. "New" 2000 honda Civic
  137. Where are the moderators?
  138. Miles per Tank for 12 foot Penske?
  139. Cars, Trucks and Bucks on TalkZone.com
  140. Why does this forum require so much user information?
  141. Hybrid Designation and EV Miles
  142. Fuelly? ?WTF? mpg readings are so low.
  143. Editing reminders
  144. Mobile Site Extremely Slow
  145. More granular vehicle groupings?
  146. partial fuel up...
  147. Site is Miscalculating Miles Between Fuel-Ups!
  148. Cant find the forum badge
  149. Forum Housekeeping - a little re-org
  150. Fuelly ownership change
  151. Gearbox dropdown greyed out; missing engines?
  152. Import link not there
  153. Join with Fuelly?
  154. Trying to add a car
  155. My 2014 doesn't show up with all other 2014's when searching
  156. Update: Fuelly == Data for Drivers
  157. CSV upload price error
  158. Fuelly not responding to messages
  159. Car doesn't show up
  160. A suggestion to improve the site
  161. Small issue with fuel entry, leading zero
  162. Problems with my Volt fuel-up
  163. correcting incorrect data
  164. My car doesn't display in proper category.
  165. iPhone app not working with multiple vehicles
  166. Facebook post not working?
  167. Fuelly Forum Banner
  168. Additional filter options
  169. Export fuelly?
  170. Manual Shifters
  171. How can I override the fuel tank capacity?
  172. Where have the Abarths gone?
  173. Allow MPG option to help with partial fillups
  174. Adding service costs to total cost statistics.
  175. Add a car to garage
  176. Adding the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi?
  177. Can we disable hashtags?
  178. Car make not on the list
  179. MPG way off
  180. Garage Pics
  181. "Your Garage" grayed out
  182. No partial fills
  183. UK SMS Not Returning Information?
  184. Average mileage wrong
  185. Signature
  186. Correcting bad data entries
  187. Miles correction for different tire size
  188. Potential feature and disagreement on presentation
  189. Gas Price Gouging in Akron Ohio
  190. Suggest to use median MPG for a group of cars
  191. Going Green
  192. Looks like the price you entered for a litre of gas is unrealistic.
  193. Is there a way to report suspected erroneous entries?
  194. $10 of E85 for free in Illinois
  195. Filter cars by location.
  196. Filter by Imperial vs. U.S. Gallons?
  197. programming language
  198. Integration with Google Docs or IFTTT.com
  199. Cost of driving
  200. New user, confusion...
  201. avg mpg calculation
  202. First fill up after signing up?
  203. Fuelly SMS app for Windows Phone
  204. Fuelly has 1 major flaw...
  205. Web site errors
  206. Too many dp in amount fields
  207. Please Add Time of Day to Fuel Up Screen
  208. Some vehicle types are not showing up on the 'Browse Vehicles' page.
  209. Entire site reports lower mpgs when UK and Canada users are included
  210. Figures on my account
  211. Problem with reminders
  212. Volt AGAIN
  213. MPG calc incorrect
  214. car not listed
  215. I give up, where's the import function?
  216. Inactive Users
  217. Q about GasTracker, can't connect with a 3GS
  218. Forums are not marking themselves as "read"
  219. City vs Highway Chart
  220. Fee for privacy?
  221. First Fuel Up
  222. Search by Area...
  223. Average Time between Fill ups
  224. Is anyone using fuelly to manage a business fleet?
  225. Skoda Citigo - L3?
  226. Fix for ODO in KMS but Fuelly reading as MILES ???
  227. Engine Types
  228. Fuelly MPG issue.
  229. Two of the same vehicle in Motorcycles
  230. Projected 2013 cost analysis
  231. Wild roller coaster ride graph
  232. Mini Stat suggestion: Average Miles Per Day
  233. Top 3 images by year
  234. Fuelly Tips?
  235. Wish list: make comments to the group with my make and model, 2) rank by best mpg
  236. How to expand the histogram to see a larger mpg range
  237. No stats?
  238. Fuelly Apps Are Coming! [Logged]
  239. Why doesn't fuelly track expenses?
  240. Fuelly Calculations
  241. Great idea, great program, great site
  242. Browsing Cars By Fuel Mileage
  243. Miles Per Litre Stats
  244. Average price/gallon doesn't consider number of gallons actually purchased
  245. Add driver to car already in garage, for shared car
  246. Not posting to Facebook
  247. Hypermiling Assistant Application for Windows Phone
  248. Erratic MPG
  249. Charting not up to date
  250. Request for a new unit of measurement for sig banner