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  1. Issue with mileage calculation using odometer option.
  2. Ave MPG reporting issue, and Total "garage" costs/consumption by months?
  3. Problems with odometer MPG (Incorrect calculations)
  4. Mobile App and Multiple vehicles?
  5. First Fuel Up, New car
  6. Importing csv is not detecting the price
  7. Color change to new post indicator
  8. Lots of new faces today
  9. Updating Gaslog Graphs?
  10. Incorrect EPA MPG for my vehicle?
  11. Avg MPG skews with a blank entry
  12. Cannot use Fuelly Signature
  13. Can I reset my city percentage?
  14. Custome Stat?
  15. No Chevrolet Volt???
  16. Add Vehicle Nicknames to Facebook Posts
  17. Mazda 3 engine types
  18. Problem posting price per litre (UK)
  19. Where the heck is everybody?
  20. odometer readings
  21. Adding a Fuel up Correctly
  22. city/motorway filters
  23. view miles driven per month
  24. Why not add location to fuel ups?
  25. API status
  26. ODO in km, wrong unit...
  27. Request: Days Between Fuel-ups
  28. Am i doing something wrong????
  29. Notes and tags
  30. Request: MPG graph over vehicle lifetime
  31. Please add country filter
  32. Add A Vehicle, Model Year
  33. Can't add a new car to my garage
  34. New Forum - Lots of Changes!
  35. Badges not updating after changes
  36. Model not listed
  37. 2013 Honda Accord not showing up in Browse Vehicles
  38. New Skin is Live
  39. UK Measurements
  40. Fuelly Mobile Shortcut on iPhone 5 not full screen.
  41. Option of Total or Unit Price
  42. Ford Escape Gas Mileage
  43. Next Chapter for Gas Savers
  44. Australia Country Abbreviation
  45. App is always very slow to use
  46. Suggestion & request to be able to sort the data displayed
  47. Incorrect mpg
  48. Add Non-Fuelup Event
  49. Fuel-Up tracking issue
  50. Fuelly & Twitter
  51. Trip Computer MPG Record
  52. Gaslog charts
  53. Sharing via Twitter: MPG + L/100km?
  54. Enter Time of fuel up
  55. Accurate MPG.
  56. Miles Per Litre Stats
  57. Start Date for Reminders
  58. First fillup?
  59. Number Section of iOs keyboard
  60. Totals KM tracked and MPG computation
  61. MPG is incorrect?
  62. Graphing MPG Data
  63. Language support in the notes field?
  64. First fuel up advice please
  65. Suggestions from a Newbie
  66. Ability to plot data on an annual basis
  67. Log Book vs. Fuel-up Log data
  68. new user - cannot edit own posts & how do i edit my signature?
  69. Add Vehicle Nicknames to Facebook Posts
  70. Not very precise mpg calculation
  71. Filter Request
  72. Add notes via mobile page
  73. Mobile site gives wrong date
  74. Pictures will not upload
  75. Wrong mobile UI for Windows Phone 7.5
  76. User/Car with >500 MPG
  77. Stat request: driving rate (miles per month/year)
  78. SMS update did not work today.
  79. Fully doesn't always post to Facebook at fuels-up
  80. Criteria for getting and staying on the overall histogram
  81. l/100km to 2 dec places?
  82. EPA Updates for Fuel Economy
  83. More input options?
  84. Misleading milage histograms
  85. MPG question
  86. Car details lost when editing description
  87. Missing City/Highway option on Mobile
  88. My garage is empty!!!!
  89. Fleet average, fleet median, fleet variance
  90. Feature request: filter by country
  91. Add gal/100 mile display
  92. Fuelly.com on the Move
  93. Haven't used fuelly in a long time...what should I enter?
  94. UK units?
  95. "Partial fillup" on Fuelly Mobile nonfunctional
  96. new user, how add base miles?
  97. Friends added & car fuel ups
  98. Help Needed!
  99. Fuelly badge not updating for about 2 - 3 weeks
  100. Choose KM vs Miles or L vs Gal.
  101. What about a way to enter service costs?
  102. Turbo's should have their own engine type
  103. MPG not showing?
  104. Filter based on year
  105. Strange fuel-up calculations with odometer.
  106. Engine size?!
  107. Select on Transmission
  108. New Feature Suggestion - Show Notes on charts
  109. Ability to add a default vehicle tag
  110. Problems with Badges
  111. EPA Estimate Banner
  112. Updating EPA Estimates?
  113. Zoom bug
  114. A URL parameter to expand notes please.
  115. How to compare exact car models?
  116. Where's the Jeep Wrangler forum?
  117. Mobile site blank on iPhone 4S
  118. Reminder
  119. Groups or 'Teams'
  120. no wysiwyg print
  121. Add "Best MPG" to car lists
  122. New Addition: Auto vs. Manual Transmission
  123. A couple of suggestions involving forum signature bars
  124. Drivetrain missing & necessary
  125. For SMS, do I use trip or odometer?
  126. Difficult w/ Fuelly & Blackberry
  127. Signature pic not adopting uplaoded photo
  128. Adding fill ups
  129. Add to signature page
  130. turbo motor option
  131. Taptalk
  132. Partial Fuel-up Calculations Improvements
  133. Add Gal / 100 mi (in both US and UK) as a display unit option
  134. iPhone/Andoid App
  135. Canadian SMS
  136. Suggested improvement to distribution graphic
  137. Odo in miles - all other metric
  138. Add vehicle transmission types
  139. Chart All Fuel-ups
  140. Integration of vehicle geography
  141. Banner problem
  142. New graphic idea
  143. Media links not working...
  144. Max cars reached.
  145. Electricity (kWh) Fuel Consumption and MPGe
  146. Add Engine to Ford Edge?
  147. having website problems
  148. Add an "ignore fuel up" feature
  149. Why Is there No App?!
  150. Average mpg + tracked km even though fuel-ups marked as missed
  151. Recent Activity
  152. Extend Average Fuel Graph One Month
  153. Questions from a newbie...
  154. Tips?
  155. Partial fill-up clarification
  156. Is this site V2K friendly?
  157. How is 'Average MPG' Computed
  158. Post new thread missing from iPhone view
  159. New problem with km/L
  160. Mazda Sky Active as a choice
  161. Incorrect average due to user error!
  162. change?
  163. Wrong MPG
  164. Fuelly not posting to facebook after deactivate and reactivation of Facebook account.
  165. First fill up using Trip with no prior history, can't do it?
  166. Car was with mechanic - let idle for a while - how to handle?
  167. First fill up on brand new car?
  168. New Feature: Loan and lease cost
  169. UK, new user, date and currency issue?
  170. MPG and UK MPG???
  171. Need a stat for gallons consumed this month
  172. Need separate option for Cruze Eco
  173. Can we have a 'top cars by mpg' section?
  174. Color bars based on fuel
  175. Cost/km calculation error:
  176. Currency conversion
  177. No Alfa 145/146?
  178. Add Kilometers
  179. iphone mobile broken
  180. Printable History?
  181. Adding Vehicle.
  182. Car not showing in browse vehicles
  183. how to get signature on?
  184. Confusing engine selection choices
  185. Separate Mileages for Different Fuel Types
  186. Can't Retire
  187. Introducing SSL
  188. Problems with site layout.
  189. Calculating liters by total paycheck
  190. Filter Based on 'EPA Type'
  191. Annual reports - Nice touch
  192. Can a fillup be edited?
  193. More graph entries
  194. Tags in SMS messages
  195. Still don't understand "partial fuel-ups"
  196. Numberpad on iPhone
  197. Is there an ez way to get back to the dashboard?
  198. Gaslog graph size
  199. fuel.ly links broken
  200. Additional Filters?
  201. New feature - total cost of ownership?
  202. Actual Savings
  203. Fuelly Moving to New Servers
  204. Unrealistic Fuel Price
  205. Annual Reports
  206. Combine vehicles for Stats ..
  207. Where is BMW 123d ?
  208. Lost three fills!
  209. Why is the "main" avg L/100KM wrong?
  210. Incorrect currency
  211. Partial Fuel Up - Calc Improvement suggestion
  212. H4 or L4
  213. Problems with fill ups per month
  214. MPG not calculating
  215. Mg zs
  216. Viewing in km/L
  217. Can't see my car in it's category
  218. View model averages?
  219. New feature - co2 emissions report
  220. km/l measure
  221. View All Notes
  222. Graph problems again!
  223. Average MPG higher than Best MPG?
  224. 5 Failed Logins requires captcha
  225. End sharing of Car in garage
  226. Fuelly API
  227. Tire sizing odometer modifier?
  228. Miscategorized cars.
  229. Fuelly Requests
  230. Browse Vehicle (I cant find my own vehicle.)
  231. Thanks!
  232. Graph which shows price of gas vs date?
  233. Avarage L/100 km wrong in my case. Why?
  234. Suggestion: Table to enter multiple fillups ala Profile listing
  235. How should I start recording?
  236. can't add/change photo to forum badge
  237. Can't log in to Fuelly with new phone
  238. Average MPH instead of city/highway miles
  239. Fuel-ups
  240. Enter Total Fill-up cost
  241. MPG not avaliable
  242. Banner image doesn't match vehicle image.
  243. Car model needs adding to database
  244. Email fill up info instead of text/SMS
  245. Suggestion: Numbered tanks
  246. need help
  247. Adding to the Custom Stats
  248. Calculate cents per litre rather than total cost.
  249. Cannot change Engine type in vehicle profile page.
  250. Getting Km / Lt