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  1. Odometer reset to 0
  2. Fuelly versus Gas Cubby
  3. For Future Release New save card payment field
  4. Potential savings not shown
  5. MPG trend and fuel graphs missing
  6. Freezing!!!!! And it's not even cold out ......
  7. Restore from backup in iOS
  8. For Future Release Computer
  9. How do you log into the App?
  10. Inconsistency re: trip vs. total odometer
  11. Unable to Browse Similar Vehicles (2017 Chrysler Pacifica)
  12. Suggestion for grouping vehicle profiles
  13. Can't see my latest fuel-ups
  14. Fixed: *ERROR* Account not activated
  15. No activation email
  16. Display GEOGRAPHIC locations, please.
  17. Why the change?
  18. Mileage not being recorded
  19. Spam? Selling essay writing
  20. Tire Pressure and gas station
  21. Webpage Advertisments
  22. Can't see City Driving % on my Fuel-up?
  23. REQUEST - Add ability to upload picture for service records..
  24. Alphabet hotlink
  25. Disappointed with interface
  26. Mobile Optimized Forums?
  27. Average MPG in Dashboard is wrong
  28. Reminder by distance gone?
  29. Feature request - More Data collecton points
  30. Can't add prior fuel or service events in Fuelly v3.1.5
  31. Won't Register Odometer Reading in New Fuel Up Because It's Lower Than Previous One
  32. How to remove reminders?
  33. Post count
  34. Banner code
  35. My Ioniq not showing up on list
  36. Update to Gas Cubby Free coming March 6
  37. Account disabled
  38. New car, MPG question
  39. logbook shows duplicate entries
  40. Problem Entering Location
  41. Request: Data by fuel rating and brand
  42. Suggestion: Tank range stats
  43. My screen freezes
  44. New Android. First time crashing
  45. Feature Request - Upload Scanned Receipts
  46. Fuelly makes US News & World Report
  47. Site certificate error message
  48. Just going slight mad - adding new vehicle
  49. Fastback & Hatchback & Missing liftback
  50. First entry with half full tank
  51. Re-enable Account
  52. Remove From Garage After a Car Has Been Transferred
  53. Copy and Paste
  54. 2017 Mini Stats
  55. New vehicle initial fuel up calculations
  56. Help - Account Disabled
  57. Site problems?
  58. Reminders only available using odometer, not trip mileage
  59. Number of litres shown wrong
  60. Feature Request - Track by hours?
  61. Total Miles tracked reported wrong?
  62. Odometer Readings in Online Log
  63. Mixing Measurement Systems
  64. Can I get one of my vehicles un-retired?
  65. We can't calculate your UK MPG yet.
  66. Account Disabled
  67. Reminders in Dashboard zeroing out
  68. For Future Release Initial starting mileage
  69. Fuelly Site Maintenance - Oct 13
  70. For Future Release Need to be able to manually add locations
  71. Transferring
  72. After yesterday's update Gas Cubby is GONE!!!
  73. RSS Feed of personal activity?
  74. How do I remove an old vehicle?
  75. Log Book problem
  76. Add a Fuel-up Nits
  77. Customize web Log Book headings?
  78. Error - Account not Activated
  79. MPG calculation
  80. Duplicate motorcycle models
  81. New vehicle won't display litres
  82. Car is split into 2 cars
  83. How Do I Change Garage Vehicle Order?
  84. Custome sized banner?
  85. Suggestion for multi-quote button
  86. A problem with notes
  87. Filter all cars by MPG, why not?
  88. Time to give up?
  89. Web Site Service entries - Sub types empty
  90. Add fuel up problem.
  91. Display MPG, vehicle pic on forum
  92. Update to Reminders
  93. Request improved Fuelly data entry screen
  94. How Do I Change The Order Of My Vehicles?
  95. Change name on Fuelly?
  96. Service - Import format
  97. Transfered motorcycle still in my dashboard
  98. Fuelly Mail Spam
  99. Different Currencies for Different Cars
  100. CSV import - page not found
  101. When the switch?
  102. Can fuel-ups be posted on FB anymore ?
  103. 86 Octane?
  104. Fuel-up not showing on my Dashboard
  105. Format of Fuelly screens
  106. Wrong MPG showing on badges??
  107. When using partial fill ups...
  108. Fixed: Car just disappeared from my garage
  109. Error with latest fuel up
  110. Partial Fill Up
  111. Graph of vehicle usage/mileage/miles per month
  112. Fuel up glitch
  113. The fuelup following this one has an odometer of XXX which is less or equal to XXX
  114. display in litres.
  115. Data just disappeared
  116. Why can't I enter a location in the web interface?
  117. MPG conversions
  118. Facebook disconnects after about 2 fuel-ups
  119. A Fuelly within Fuelly...?!
  120. Send mail?
  121. View/Sort DB?
  122. Naive question on apps....
  123. Number of fuel ups is false...
  124. Query About "Add A Fuel-Up"
  125. Location.
  126. Display total cost per fuel up?
  127. Can't Use ISO Date/Time when entering
  128. Tips to restart logging after a year long break?
  129. Graph giving wrong data
  130. Vehicle Options
  131. BUggy imported data
  132. Anyway to hide "advanced" info during fuel-up?
  133. Forum time zone
  134. Starting odometer reading?
  135. Missing Engine Size/Type
  136. Aggregate MPG by gas station brand, etc.
  137. Vanity
  138. Gearbox and Location query
  139. Changing profile name
  140. 2016 Toyota Sienna
  141. Won't let me add Seat Ibiza - engine typed blocked.
  142. Can you purge Tag Drop Down List?
  143. Site error on stats
  144. A small bug
  145. I do not want my location recorded.
  146. 2016 Custom mini statistics
  147. 10-tank average calculations are wrong on Fuelly
  148. This app is broke
  149. Import csv fails, miles last fuelup must be at least 1
  150. Cost/Litre - Not available?
  151. Truck in wrong place
  152. Emissions calculations
  153. Syncing between 2 android devices
  154. lost data back up
  155. Lowest Price
  156. Export destroys data integrity
  157. Mini Stat - Average Days per Fillup
  158. Unconfirmed: [Bug] When Retiring a vehicle
  159. All Stats Lost
  160. Where does Fuelly get the location of stations from?
  161. ⛽ Show city/hwy stats when comparing 🚗
  162. Fuelly web site problem?
  163. Can you restore an archived Vehicle?
  164. Question about mpg calculation
  165. Enter Data by SMS for Different Date
  166. This guy needs help...
  167. Too many fields on 'Add a fuelup' page
  168. Log Book - Cost issue
  169. Location concerns
  170. add transmission type to vehicle profiles
  171. Missing signature
  172. Just signed up - my vehicle doesn't appear on the general page for this vehicle type
  173. Odometer reading only for input?
  174. site certificate issue
  175. Minor glitch
  176. Fuel Consumption is not MPG
  177. How do I display BEST and LAST L/100km Values
  178. For Future Release MPG offset
  179. Dashboard information
  180. Archived Cars
  181. Missing MPG/miles travelled
  182. Adding Service Data to Fuelly?
  183. Fuelly forum signature
  184. Website traduction ?
  185. Site Downtime | Monday Aug 31
  186. New Options for Fuel Up
  187. Incorrect calculation
  188. MPG UK not working on Iphone App
  189. Total Spent is incorrect
  190. Location in Log Book?
  191. Regional Search
  192. "Partial fill-up" is calculated
  193. Fuelly Mobile App
  194. Honda Accord Engine Types
  195. What is partially fuel up and Missed fuel up?
  196. Reminders aren't working
  197. Notes from mobile app not appearing on fuelly.com
  198. Banner doesnt display in forum signature?
  199. Separate gas vs hybrid
  200. Average Fuel Consumption Over Last xxxx Miles
  201. Fuelly Web using wrong units
  202. How many fill ups do I have to log before my account shows up?
  203. Unconfirmed: Asked for further details repeatedly when trying to add a fuel-up for my bike.
  204. SMS info .texting info into web
  205. Any way to aggregate MPG by gas attributes?
  206. Can't input miles
  207. total cost is hard set
  208. Historic Averages by Vehicle Type not Calculating properly for L/100 km display
  209. Help entering mileage
  210. help with deleting accounts
  211. Issue with the chart for fuel-ups and dashboard
  212. New Information and Fuel types
  213. New Service category (DEF)?
  214. How to properly calculate numbers when switching fuel type?
  215. Reactivating an old account
  216. Rounding error with litres
  217. Data entry Field order/options
  218. My vehicle doesn't appear with others of the same type
  219. Confused with Fuelly - Partial fill ups?
  220. Can't complete the vehicle data entry pop-up
  221. Diesel ratings in Texas
  222. Can't update my car stats.
  223. Fuel Octane Rating Additions
  224. Missing Notes/Maintenance Records?
  225. Fuelly Site Update
  226. Account suspended for15 minutes
  227. Travelin' Man
  228. Can't Add Vehicle
  229. Fixed: Don't want gallons need litres
  230. Banner issue
  231. Cant add new vehicle (Web)
  232. Doing it right?
  233. Need Options to set AWD, 4 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel Drive
  234. Missing topics after spam attack
  235. Can I download my data?
  236. Working As Designed: help with Fuelly settings...!
  237. New vehicle with zero miles?
  238. Mobile App won't remember my ID
  239. Unconfirmed: Poor resolution displayed in L/100KM
  240. For Future Release BUG: Analysis screens for a given year of car always graph in US MPG
  241. Please unretire two of my vehicles
  242. SMS sent to wrong vehicle
  243. Texts not updating anymore
  244. New Speedo, mileage reset
  245. Kia Sportage
  246. Add a new car.
  247. Engine choices, too many and too confusing
  248. Apple app showing 198mpg!
  249. Annual notes bug
  250. ques. about miles per year traveled