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  1. Happy Holidays everyone!
  2. Tour De Sol for non-hybrid cars
  3. Pulse Jet Engine
  4. People are so ignorant
  5. Tidbits about Gaslog and Garage
  6. Here you go SVOboy, something just for you.
  7. Anyone know how to get Tree Sap off the car???
  8. My paint job saga... with pictures of the finished product
  9. New small cars comming out. (56k warning)
  10. Need feedback on site layout
  11. I will be leaving early in the morning
  12. Sometimes inaction is the best action :)
  13. What do you think of this layout?
  14. Zemco travel computer w/cruise control on ebay
  15. traffic and idling. ARGH
  16. Translucent Foam Windows
  17. If you're jealous of Matt, (or have 56k) don't look here.
  18. You're jealous, I know it.
  19. how to transport a car over 1000 miles?
  20. Money Back for Energy Saving Appliances!
  21. And the winner is: DiamondLarry!
  22. Recent alternative fuel discovery that turns physics on its head.
  23. Flourescent Lights
  24. Tankless Hot Water Heaters?
  25. Self-reliant House
  26. Convertible Honda CVCC
  27. Push mowers
  28. Electronic Thermostat
  29. Is there any interest in a wiki here?
  30. First coat of paint is on!!!
  31. you've got to be kidding me
  32. Ernie Rogers sighting!
  33. YAY - The new engine is purchased!
  34. Google ads?
  35. What kinda music do you listen to in and out of the car?