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  1. Haig Dimple Pinch
  2. WAHOO! 50.0 mpg, 10 tank average in 28y/o Honda Civic...
  3. When Level 5 Autonomous Cars are Gov't Approved, I Predict...
  4. On Health....
  5. Fuel Efficient out the window in the UK....
  6. Masterful Presentation on the Current State and Future of Alternative Energies
  7. Futurist Ray Kurzweil Speaks
  8. MODEL 3 INTRODUCTION / Anyone else watch?
  9. Missing road trip thread
  10. EU, Japan, & US automakers (minus Tesla) send China...
  11. Autonomous Cars Presentation (quite good)
  12. United Kingdom Electric Pays Users to Use Electricity due...
  13. If this Make / Model Car was a pure EV with a 200+ Mile Range, I'd Buy It.
  14. 100 degrees
  15. SUGGESTION: Fuelly Website / MPG posting
  16. Wheel Alignment / How often do you have it done?
  17. I Predict the First Wave of Chinese Cars in the USA will...
  18. Cell Phone Radiation in pocket or next to the ear
  19. Global Warming; 31,487 Scientists say it's FALSE
  20. Modern Interpretations of Car Classics
  21. How to Encourage Society to Drive at Safer Speeds and Save Gas
  22. Small Electric Airplanes have Arrived
  23. How I Helped Swing the US Presidential Election
  24. As I plan to be the last person on earth to be...
  25. I PREDICT, once battery tech delivers EVs with 300-400 driving range...
  26. Latest Tony Seba Presentation About EV Disruption
  27. How to Get More and Save the Planet
  28. Tire Pressure / How often do you check?
  29. I Predict EV Chassis will be Sold as Kit Cars
  30. Best way to dispose our garbage.
  31. The End of USA as a Super Power is approaching
  32. 3d printed cars?
  33. California raises gas taxes, vehicle fees to fund roads and transport projects
  34. My custom android car ui
  35. VIDEO: How Car Doors are Made - 5 minutes
  36. Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Meltdown
  37. UFOs get better MPG than you!
  38. Energy Efficiency for Homes
  39. Ever seen a UFO?
  40. Next time your kid balks at household chores...
  41. Fastest Internet Speeds in the World
  42. Speaking of efficiency, anyone cooking with induction?
  43. USA EV Sales / 16 Months of Month over Month Climb
  44. Alternatives to EV cars; Electric Bikes, Scooters, & Skateboards
  45. I'm a new coffee drinker. Advice, please?
  46. Toyota, where's your PURE EV?
  47. Off-topic chat thread
  48. New Product / Citizen Watch Company / 1mm thick solar powered watch movement
  49. Elon Musk Bought a Used Tunnel Boring Machine
  50. Architecture / Conventional home layout is inefficient
  51. Remember how gas got pretty cheap last year?
  52. Ultra-aggressive EOC
  53. Google's Autonomous Car Team Quits Over $$$
  54. Where is the air flow?
  55. Interesting EV News
  56. How to NOT need to wear reading glasses
  57. Look inside a Nissan Leaf battery pack
  58. Which car door design is your favorite?
  59. Connected cars create up to 25 gigabytes of data per hour
  60. USA Coal Production Declined 17.5% between 2015 and 2016
  61. BMW i3 / New 94ah Battery / SAME size & weight as old 60ah
  62. Cars ARE Computer Tablets on Wheels...
  63. Strangest Driving Laws on Earth
  64. Car Makers / Their stated plans to stop making ICE cars
  65. Trump Skeptical about Global Warming due to Humans
  66. More Workers In Solar Than Fossil Fuel Power Generation
  67. Can Falling Battery Prices Push Electric Cars?
  68. Are you a "super taster"?
  69. 2015; Plug-Ins & Electric Cars, the fastest growing segment
  70. Introducing Tesla's new 2170 Lithium Battery
  71. ODB3 Coming?
  72. Too Funny! Has to be shared.
  73. Flywheel Hybrid Cars
  74. How to Make a Homemade Solar Cell from Scratch; LITERALLY
  75. The Differences Between the Two HyperLoop Teams
  76. MIT Hyperloop Unveiling / Full Presentation
  77. Elon Musk say Autonomous Level 5 ready in 3 to 6 months.
  78. What One Charge Driving Range Would Get You To Strongly Consider an EV?
  79. Chinese EV Market Coming on Like a Lion
  80. What was the gas price where you last filled up?
  81. Why Solar PV Power Plants Will Fundamentally Change the Way We Power the Planet
  82. About self-driving cars...
  83. The Electric Vehicle Disruption - End Of Oil by 2030
  84. Tesla S 100D now goes 335 miles per charge
  85. Nissan announces first on-road autonomous vehicle tests in Europe
  86. Ford claims to have 13 EVs (some hybrids) within 5 years
  87. The Electric Scooter has finally arrived
  88. Most Aerodynamic Cars / Jun 2016
  89. Upscale plates for Beautifu British Columbia
  90. How a modern F1 Power Unit works
  91. The race to move beyond lithium-ion
  92. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles under investigation for alleged emission violations
  93. WITHOUT Subsidies, Solar & Wind Now CHEAPER than Coal and Fossil Fuel Electricity
  94. Battery Powered Commercial Airliners Coming
  95. Trump is President / Mfg fleet MPG may be relaxed
  96. 1981 toyota 1 ton truck
  97. In 3 years, Renault Zoe 2x electric power with same battaery size
  98. Winter storms in the US
  99. CES 2017 / Electric Vehicle Summary
  100. Honda Self-Balancing Motorcycle can follow you
  101. America's Love Affair with Big Fat Vehicles
  102. Car Battery Restoration using a Desulfator
  103. Cute 4y/o girl Teaches You about New Years Resolutions
  104. USA / CES (Consumer Electronics Show) / Toyota Concept Car
  105. They JUST had the 2017 Golden Globes Awards
  106. Predictions for next generation Tesla S
  107. TRANSPORTATION BEYOND EVs: I've been thinking.
  108. Planning on getting a new car.
  109. A 42 gallon barrel of oil produces....
  110. Instead of being an early EV adopter...
  111. In 2016, Costa Rica ran 250+ days on Renewable Energy
  112. Lyft co-founder says human drivers to be illegal in America
  113. Engine Off Coasting; 10min engine on; 14min coasting
  114. Will soon Lose my Best MPG Route
  115. 5 Things You Should Never Do In An Automatic Transmission Car
  116. Trump and the Auto Industry
  117. They tried to steal True Blue!!!
  118. Find all the details about your car's specs here:
  119. Lyft sees robot taxis approaching fast
  120. Engineer Explains Fastest 0 - 60mph Time Possible
  121. Gains from Harmonizing US and EU Auto Regulations under TTIP
  122. NEW Ford/GM 10-Speed Automatic Transmission
  123. Do You know what engine you have ???
  124. High Speed Rail in the US Thread
  125. Fuelly app for Windows
  126. Tesla: New Model S P100D now fastest production car in the world
  127. Alternator Delete / Solar charging battery only
  128. Long Road Trips and Longest trip
  129. House emissions
  130. Elon Musk & JB Straubel Officially Open the Tesla Gigafactory
  131. Anyone else practicing Intermittent Fasting?
  132. Speaking of wishful thinking...
  133. Formula one f1 0-60 times
  134. An American's view of the UK
  135. Tesla Master Plan revealed
  136. I just don't care anymore.
  137. Greater MPG with a chess clock?
  138. EV ideas from 2008
  139. The Beginning of the End of Fossil Fuels
  140. Boutique Vehicle Manufacturers
  141. Were you aware there are now 10 pure EV cars available?
  142. Gun rack?
  143. Motorcycles economical?
  144. 40% USA Corn used for biofuels / 2,500 gallons of water for 1 gallon of biofuel
  145. BREXIT: Paul and Ben, your thoughts?
  146. Solar Power Advances Cancels Plans to Build Coal Fired Power Plant
  147. NEWS FLASH: Portugal Runs 4.5 days on ONLY Renewable Energy
  148. Big Fuel Penalty in Head / Crosswind conditions
  149. Besides EVs here are some other Advances in Science!
  150. Would you turn a Ferrari 308 into an EV?
  151. The Future of Cars and Energy / Newest Tony Seba Lecture
  152. Congratuations to me! Wahoo!!!
  153. Self-driving, Electric Vehicles (cars and trucks) / Huge disruption coming.
  154. By 2035 a 200 mile range EV predicted to be $10k
  155. Research Reveals Roof Racks Bad for MPG
  156. Who are the Superusers
  157. Women Drivers. Truth or Fiction?
  158. Farewell to my 6-speed transmission
  159. April 1st
  160. Diesel / History of
  161. Marine Propulsion / One ton of cargo moves 1,000NM on 1 gallon
  162. Raised Tesla X Falcon Doors are Subliminal Sexual Message.
  163. Time for Fuelly to Step It Up?
  164. The Future of the Automobile Lecture
  165. Idea for Electric Vehicle Retrofit for Existing Non-electric Cars
  166. SUGGESTION: Fuelly Average OVERALL MPG
  167. For sell 2015 Scott Scale 900 RC 29er / M Road Bicycle
  168. High Amperage Alternator / Any Benefit?
  169. RV aka Camper Van or Motor Home to our European friends
  170. Are you Ultra Efficient in Other Parts of Your Life, Too?
  171. 17,470,659
  172. What's your longest EOC distance?
  173. Funny Pictures
  174. Any photographers?
  175. Interesting device. Let's discuss
  176. Need advice on opening a company
  177. How to parallel park perfectly
  178. OBD2 device for fuel economy
  179. Fuelly search for suspicious cars?
  180. How much EV1 DNA did GM put into the Volt?
  181. Hypermiler Movie Alternative to "Fast and Furious"
  182. Opinions on a used car?
  183. Lack of interest from Ford Customer Care
  184. Suggesting a new custom stat "per state"
  185. New Business Advice
  186. How do I add my new car and where do I track mileage?
  187. Samsung S5 question
  188. R.I.P. Miss Piggy.
  189. Website feature wanted - milege position for my model year
  190. Gas Prices Headed Down, How Low Will They Go?
  191. Guns in the US
  192. What are the prices in your area
  193. spam emails
  194. Best Android app for recording speed/performance data?
  195. Euro members: Help a yank with a diesel rec for Eastern Europe
  196. Free today: Android fuel economy-centered GPS speedometer app
  197. vx vs ex si harness
  198. Advance Auto Coupons
  199. Getting rid of my car... Opinions?
  200. Jitterbug Smart Phone
  201. A Veteran needs some help please
  202. American BBQ
  203. America, a Depository of the Gifts of the World
  204. El Cap Rescue
  205. Flag Day - 2013
  206. The message; good food too.
  207. Why We Fold The American Flag
  208. Keeping Your Money
  209. Free Beer and Hot Wings FE Modded Car Spotting
  210. Dishwasher Detergent - Problem Solved
  211. 177,690 Mile Michelins
  212. Honoring a great coach
  213. Have a Safe New Year
  214. 2012 Mayan Apocolypse
  215. Christmas
  216. Cupcakes
  217. Junkykard finds
  218. Obama's Second Term
  219. Hurricane Sandy
  220. Sailboat at The Golden Gate, from the VA Hospital
  221. Hey, Watch this!
  222. The Most Exciting Car Ever!
  223. 9-11
  224. Thin Blue Line
  225. Someone tried to steal my truck
  226. Honey
  227. What Is This Part Of?
  228. Funny Chrysler training video
  229. Olympics On Computer
  230. Amanda! A reason to watch the Olympics
  231. Blasphemy!
  232. You might want to pay closer attention to your email
  233. Tag. You-Are-OUT!
  234. Prometheus Alien 5
  235. Battleship and Chernobyl Diaries
  236. 424 Miles. 14 Hours. Almost Like Real Work
  237. Jiffy Lube?s Oil Change Recommendation Lawsuit
  238. Does CLR Wear Out?
  239. Any Help Helps
  240. The Eclipse at Shatto's Home May 20, 2012
  241. A Man Came Home From Work Today and ---
  242. Lockout and Dark Shadows
  243. Car designer Carroll Shelby, 89, dies
  244. "Goober" dead at age 83
  245. If you have Tinnitus I need your advice
  246. May 5, 2012 Wait, wait...I got it covered. Strange Payloads
  247. new wheel (look) on the yaris
  248. May Day
  249. This man really knows how to give advice!!!
  250. 1995 Honda Civic CX or 2001 Toyota Corolla