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  1. Traffic Lights?
  2. Still having to use a lot of braking.
  3. Disappointing highway mileage.
  4. Open Loop/Closed Loop
  5. Living with my ScanGauge E
  6. Revs v fuel consumption.
  7. Intake Air Temperature.
  8. First trip with a ScanGauge E fitted.
  9. An investment.
  10. Backing off EOC
  11. ATTENTION EOC DRIVERS: How to trick alternator into charging
  12. A long post on coasting vs rolling
  13. Heavy traffic driving techniques
  14. Force alternator to ALWAYS charge?
  15. 7362 mpg
  16. Does EOC work as well with automatic transmissions as manuals?
  17. Does EOC (engine off coasting) work with EVs?
  18. Hypermiling experience with Fiat's 875cc "Twinair" engine?
  19. Engine Braking and Coasting...
  21. 2007 Honda CR-V hypermiling results.
  22. Normal Driving vs Hypermiling - Experiment.
  23. If you owned a Bugatti Veyron, would you hypermiling it, too?
  24. Anyone use DASH?
  25. ScanGauge e
  26. ever cleaned maf and tb?
  27. Hypermiling - best base car..?!
  28. The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling
  29. Dealing with snowy/slushy conditions
  30. 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander mpg.
  31. 90.6 MPG, my best effort so far
  32. CVT hypermiling techniques
  33. Approaching hills, technique?
  34. Pulse & glide 0-70 mpg in 2 miles video
  35. Scan Gauge LOD Setting Tutorial
  36. scanguage or ultragauge?
  37. Saturn HAI!
  38. Garmin EcoRoute HD
  39. Tips for a noob
  40. What to expect?
  41. Breakpoint for P&G in N vs. DFCO
  42. How to driving with load or DWL not understanding
  43. Update on Hypermiling in the Prizm
  44. Hypermiling in Calgary
  45. Not sure of the term, but is my thinking right...?
  46. 1000 miles to a tank
  47. How to improve DFCO and P&G
  48. Volvo project
  49. engine off danger to trans?
  50. Best Bluetooth OBDii Scanner
  51. How to use vacuum gauge for FE?
  52. Interview w/a hypermiler
  53. Hypermiling with a carburetor
  54. Ultra-Gauge beats ScanGauge at ~1/3 the price
  55. Hypermiling conditioning
  56. FAS vs. P&G
  57. Engine Off - trip meter doesn't move on VX
  58. EOC??? Hurting or helping???
  59. o2 spacer...
  60. Proper RPM
  61. Jetta TDI fuel pump timing and Scangauge
  62. coasting down hills? or speeding down them?
  63. 25,000 Mile Oil Change
  64. ScanGauge O2 sensor values
  65. Mazda hypermilers
  66. consious driver.
  67. Software for Bluetooth OBDII reader
  68. Scangauge alternative???
  69. A HAI reinstall
  70. interesting discovery on speed and time to distination
  71. Hypermiling with a bus
  72. Starter or Clutch? which to ruin?
  73. What are the simplest ways to hypermile to persue someone to start
  74. Tips for really hilly areas?
  75. Learned something about my car's reluctant DFCO behavior
  76. Full Throttle at low RPM, or High RPM and low throttle
  77. Fuel Max
  78. How do I improve my hypermiling?
  79. 5th gear or neutral?
  80. Perfect roads
  81. I want to eco-tune my 95 GM ODBI PCM
  82. Bringing it to the masses
  83. Best Low Rolling Resistance tire
  84. Teach me how to drive White Trash
  85. Drawback of hypermilling
  86. SIMPLE! HAI for Civic HX
  87. Hypermiling pays off, new personal record for me!
  88. Fuel cutoff, spark cutoff; saving the ignition.
  89. EOC at night
  90. LV has NEW shoes
  91. Draft didn't work or fluke?
  92. Pulse & Glide Extremes: How Low Can You Go?
  93. Engine Off Coasting annoyance
  94. XGauge coding: My data is wacky
  95. ScanGauge II info, tips, and tricks
  96. ScanGauge II XGauge codes
  97. Using the ScanGauge II with multiple vehicles
  98. My Newest Hypermiling Technique... CONFIRMED!!!
  99. Warming Up: P&G? PEOG? Steady Throttle?
  100. Shapes of vehicle backsides: which is the best for drafting?
  101. New Hypermiling Forum!
  102. Drafting: stream of cars vs semi
  103. Pulse and Glide with the engine running?
  104. New Scangauge, The Kiwi
  105. ScanGauge tuning
  106. Hypermiling Word of year
  107. Save 205 gallons, $647 because of Hypermiling
  108. How to hypermile Civic HX??
  109. How much gas have you saved?
  110. Scangauge crazyness
  111. ScanGauge 2 Idle RPM Question
  112. Extended uphill on highway: when to start acceleration and how fast?
  113. Scangauge $160.00
  114. Using Scangauge to check/set timing?
  115. Scangauge II - for sale
  116. Driving habits, gas saving technics.
  117. Got My Scangauge!!
  118. First Hypermiled tank completed, a few questions.
  119. Dealer says ScanGauge ruined my PCM and I can't use ScanGauge anymore
  120. scangauge getting recognition
  121. Pulse and Glide question
  122. Saving gas by not changing lanes?
  123. Scangauge came in! Questions about DFCO, neutral and throttle control
  124. Shifting To Neutral At Red Lights...Saves Gas?!
  125. DFCO questions
  126. FE just keeps droping no matter how much I hypermile
  127. scangauge cable (just cable)
  128. Hypermiling habits to blame for DBW throttle weirdness?
  129. NEW to Scangauge
  130. Hypermiling..is it worth it?
  131. WAI offset "bad" hypermiling...
  132. neutral coasting and engine load
  133. Long Trip Hypermiling tips.
  134. Question about hills
  135. The Beast has its new ScanGauge installed! PICS ENCLOSED
  136. Eoc
  137. Question regarding drafting
  138. Sitting at idle or turn off engine?
  139. Anyone hypermile a BMW?
  140. P&G not helpful in Saturn SL2
  141. Hypermiling done on the show TopGear from England
  142. Should I buy a Scangauge?
  143. Scangauge questions
  144. Well, I started gliding in my 4wd pickup last night...
  145. Hey scangauge owners - teach me some stuff!
  146. Generic scangauge?
  147. What's better Cruise control or Pump and Glide etc
  148. Hypermiling a V6/V8?
  149. Who Coasts? tips and techniques anyone
  150. Hypermiling in the news
  151. Hypermiling questions...
  152. Engine Off at Stop Lights
  153. Hypermiling as a business opportunity?
  154. my pulse and glide findings
  155. my vehicle is too old for Scangauge!!
  156. hypermiling on the early show
  157. Pulse & glide costing me my clutch??
  158. What are the hypermile "sleepers"
  159. Possible lower-cost Scangauge alternative
  160. EOC killed my car?
  161. pulse and coast?
  162. Where is the cheapest place to buy Scangauge
  163. Coasting problems
  164. Psychological Ways of Saving Fuel
  165. 7th gen civic leanburn? / scangauge question
  166. Newbie with some questions about changing driving
  167. ScanGauge fuel rate, and DIY DFCO gauge?
  168. To draft or slow down?
  169. ScanGauge II
  170. Scangauge, is it worth it for me?
  171. So disappointed in my 1st hypermiled tank
  172. Hypermiling goes mainstream
  173. Driving improving FE?
  174. shut off engine if stopped > 7 sec?
  175. ScanGauge Window Up/Down?
  176. Turning off ignition at stoplights = starter wear?
  177. Scangauge - 139.99 shipped @ Amazon
  178. any better way than EOC?
  179. Shift gears for higher vacuum?
  180. Hypermiling in Reader's Digest
  181. scangauge group buy on other forum
  182. EOC in Gear?
  183. Hypermiling Being Discussed RIGHT NOW on the Radio/Internet!
  184. E85 - Great for Hypermilers?!?
  185. Better mileage tips for Prius??
  186. New scangauge II features!
  187. Nice item for hypermiling!
  188. Predicting red lights with cross walk signals
  189. WTB - ScanGauge II
  190. Anyone ever get tired of Hypermiling for a day?
  191. Humble request about ScanGauge 2
  192. ScanGauge shows GPH at 0.00 on occasion...
  193. ScanGauge advice for better MPG...
  194. The "Unheralded" advantage of Hypermiling!
  195. Scangauge II users - need some help
  196. Autotrans coasting to stop
  197. Scangauge MPG formula
  198. ScanGauge II
  199. Pulse and Glide Fuel Economy Calculator
  200. Idle time before killing the engine for FE.
  201. I hate my ScanGauge!!!
  202. successful drafting?
  203. Just popped a code on the Scangauge
  204. Drafting with scangauge
  205. It goes beyond hypermiling...
  206. Any Advice on Using a ScanGauge
  207. Does coasting in Neutral Work
  208. Pure Energy or Scangauge site ?
  209. Least expensive place to by a Scangauge II ?
  210. Anyone have a ScanGauge II on a Ford Taurus ?
  211. How hard is to install a scangauge II ?
  212. how do you use your scangauge?
  213. any good driving techniques?
  214. Glide test
  215. coasting with prius in neutral
  216. A case against pulse and glide
  217. A ScanGauge with RPM/Speed display
  218. Scangauge or car computer
  219. Scangauge not communicating
  220. How Fast To Accelerate?
  221. Choose Your Weapon - Armed With ScanGauge
  222. Why does scangauge not calculate MPG while engine off coasting?
  223. Scangauge wrongly reports TPS@16?
  224. Gliding in Neutral
  225. Pulsing On Flats
  226. driving technique confusion
  227. Hypermiling is Fun
  228. A question for scangauge users....
  229. What do you monitor with your ScanGauge?
  230. When to shift
  231. Semi-drafting
  232. Holy EOC!
  233. Using a multimeter as a cheapo scangauge?
  234. ScanGauge II FTW!!!! [That's FOR THE WIN!]
  235. Comment on P&G
  236. Technique on Hills
  237. Need a Grand Rapids area Hypermiler
  238. More questions about P&G w/ an auto tranny
  239. My Driving Technique
  240. Does Scangauge Accuracy ever level off?
  241. How to FE drive when OAT is hot?
  242. Vacuum gauge instead of Scangauge?
  243. Hypermiler yay!
  244. Why do YOU want to save gas?
  245. Driving Technique: Slightly Tap the Brakes Once
  246. just bought the scangauge!
  247. pulse up or pulse down a hill, higher or lower gear
  248. Saving money through hypermiling
  249. Wish I had a Scangauge years ago...
  250. Mental training for fuel efficient driving