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  1. powre lynz question
  2. Help
  3. Since it's impossible to legislate driving habits...
  4. Topgraphic route planner..
  5. Got a 95 VX!!!! Need help / Bunch of questions.
  6. Three Laws of Fuel Economy
  7. V6 Toyota Tacoma
  8. Want to hear from anyone who's tried water4gas
  9. HP, do we really need so much?
  10. Mapping/GPS/Terrain question
  11. Amazing how much speed really affects gas mileage!!
  12. Air injection?
  13. 96 HX owner with a scanguage 2 sg2 questions
  14. Which tranny should I use next? & motor?
  15. eliminate fast idle
  16. Specific question regarding my tires and wheels
  17. Check engine light code 48
  18. $4 a gallon and back to their old ways - already!
  19. 2007 corolla 44 mpg 5-speed
  20. Stupid question about tire size and FE
  21. Rogers' Transportation Law
  22. Future Predicted Gas Prices
  23. Ruses to stop tailgaiters
  24. LED headlamp replacements
  25. My HF Restoration
  26. So it turns out that the $canGauge folks frown upon group purchases.
  27. Hho?
  28. What are LRR tires?
  29. Synthetic oil or not?
  30. My VX is now easy to see
  31. Why we don't have 50 mpg cars.
  32. e85 in non-flexfuel car
  33. New to board, question about Geo Metro
  34. My new Hyundai Accent
  35. Removing side view mirrors
  36. Why does a 1935 Tatra have a lower Cd than any production car today?
  37. ppl w/ wheel skirts..what about flats?
  38. No gas go steam power
  39. Just a quick mpg question on some cars...
  40. 34 MPG Grand Prix?
  41. Warm weather helps fight the oil barrens
  42. Drivers Idling!!!
  43. Price of geo metro's on ebay
  44. High Pressure, Low Rolling Resistance....Found Some!
  45. I must confess....
  46. Displacement on Demand
  47. Hypermile 1992 4Runner
  48. Fiesta Diesel clocked an incredible 31.48 kms per litre (74.05 mpg
  49. Need ideas to make my VX more visible on the Interstate
  50. Improving a Gruman LLV
  51. lightweight wheel question?
  52. Disable AWD on a Subaru Legacy by removing a fuse?
  53. Gas Purchases Rebate/Cash Back?
  54. Pumping losses
  55. When to fill up the tank
  56. Hyundai Accent optimal highway speed
  57. Anyone have a Prius plug-in?
  58. math to calculate mpg from injector pulse width
  59. E10 Woes
  60. Interesting experiment I just performed
  61. do i have the best possible setup for all city driving?
  62. mileage took a dive
  63. Installing smaller injectors to reduce consumption.
  64. Pushing a 5500lb brick!!!
  65. Cruise control for constant throttle rather than speed?
  66. Throw away that front license plate
  67. test
  68. Traffic Jam = P&G opportunity = FE++
  69. My best local mpg ever!
  70. this Craigslist ad must be a farse, no?
  71. Electric fan conversion payoff?
  72. EOC restart beeping, and forum hate / moral projection
  73. realtime monitoring tools for pre-obd2 cars
  74. Restarting the FE challenge?
  75. Why would improving aerodynamics/drag/weight/etc. affect mileage?
  76. Dug out my mpg notes.
  77. Anyone in South Carolina or Georgia?
  78. Any Canadians?
  79. Figuring out what is best to do...
  80. New HHO GAS SAVERS Group Starting in South Florida
  81. Real time mpg readout with pre OBD2 Nissans..
  82. How many LBS does the Civic VX or HX tank weigh?
  83. Cold Air Intake on 07 Yokon
  84. What kind of mileage do you guys get with your VX?
  85. Personal best with my second VX - bring on $5/gal gas!!!
  86. If your gonna draft, get a C.B.
  87. How about some Bat Wings Batman!
  88. Tips for a Geo Storm
  89. ecu wiring
  90. ?????'s about running no alternator
  91. Portable refinery for the home.
  92. what oil do you use in your vx only!
  93. What makes cars fuel efficient?
  94. Raise Vtec point to increase FE?
  95. Am I making the right decision in getting a Civic?
  96. How much tire air pressure is still safe?
  97. Engine rebuild maximum fuel economy
  98. 2001 Tahoe w/5.3L V-8
  99. PT Cruiser BAD Gas Milage
  100. Slow down save gas.
  101. What oil to use?
  102. Fess up, which one of you owns this thing?
  103. Fooling the Engine Computer to alter Mixture
  104. Fuel consumption at idle?
  105. EOC Miles Tally
  106. Owners try to unload Guzzlers
  107. Would like the Cliff Note version on Civic's
  108. Anyone here have a Integra GSR?
  109. Noobie ready to start his project - first post/question!
  110. One Windshield Wiper Instead of Two
  111. intake resonator
  112. Anyone use just one high beam?
  113. Premium in the minivan.. don't think it likes it.
  114. tall gearing finally available for miata, rx7, etc.
  115. Smart fortwo - 40 MPG
  116. City driving in the Yaris LB
  117. Calculator/formula for FE investment payoff?
  118. Crankcase vacuum question.
  119. warm air intake is in
  120. Civic VX getting crappy gas mileage
  121. CRX HF D15b6
  122. VX on craigslist: Is 60 mpg an unrealistic MPG claim?
  123. Airlines slowing flights down to save fuel
  124. Hello! (from long time lurker and mpg freak)
  125. Thoughts about my car...
  126. P&G Questions
  127. K & N Air Filter + Synthetic Oil = Improved MPG?
  128. Now,more than ever. Help in Michigan!!!
  129. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Question
  130. Pinto's that got 34 mpg highway in 1975
  131. Ever "just drive"?
  132. best car for city fe?
  133. Gas mileage gains from 1967.
  134. Optimum Speed/RPM on Civic
  135. What should I do? CRX pruchase!
  136. spark plugs
  137. Extracting energy from our used motor oil
  138. 10% ethanol, wheres the break even point?
  139. Opinions: CRX HF, Honda Insight or Keep Suzuki Swift?
  140. Tested my technique.
  141. mpg hubcaps
  142. Ground Effects & gas mileage
  143. GM finally "gets it" with the Cobalt......
  144. What do you think is the best car for MPG mods?
  145. cx to vx swap is it worth it?
  146. Is it better to fill up at the half way mark or to wait until empty?
  147. Headers help gas mileage?
  148. 1994 honda civic cx questions.
  149. Few questions for easy, $0.00 modifications
  150. my FE thread
  151. Tips for any of my cars?
  152. 1998 Civix HX... I want 50mpg!!!
  153. New Project 69' Opel GT 1.1L
  154. Which EPA Rating?
  155. unplugged o2 sensor now better FE
  156. Calculators that can help
  157. how to calculate cents per mile?
  158. Civic VX - differences in model years?
  159. Anyone else notice
  160. Civic VX for sale on craigslist
  161. Bsfc ?
  162. Nova "Car of the Future" on PBS
  163. Got a VX (again)!
  164. My Winter Gas Mileage Keeps Getting Worse
  165. Is this Website for Real ?
  166. moon caps?
  167. d15z1 swap info please!
  168. Civic Vx higher idle?
  169. my car gradually is decreasing MPG
  170. Legit l1h1 oxgen sensor vendor
  171. egr on hf intake
  172. Why does everything I do increase my fuel economy?
  173. HHO & Fuel Heater Questions
  174. Power Units Conversion Chart
  175. questions on hot air intakes, especially on saturns
  176. What is the Optimal Alignment for MPG?
  177. Help w/ my DD?
  178. I just bought an 05 Neon
  179. The Most Fuel Efficient Spark Plugs
  180. crazy turbo question
  181. undisclosed ethanol content in gas
  182. Amerityres
  183. Propane power?
  184. Summer mix fuel changeover
  185. 1st full tank thru "Marvin" in a while...
  186. Time for new tires - Suggestions?
  187. Drilling for gasoline
  188. Jet Hot vs Exhaust Wrap
  189. Gasoline's New Math: Miles Per Dollar
  190. What would you choose?
  191. GM Sales of Hybrids Miserable
  192. Amazed at the results of Aero mods
  193. Replaced O2 sensor, reset PCM, mpg's plummet
  194. Spun on Rolling Resistance calcs...
  195. tips for cavaliers
  196. two differnent shift patterns wich is best?
  197. pumping gas slowly?
  198. In dash mpg display accurate?
  199. New mission statement
  200. After Market exhast?good idea?Cold air intake?good idea?
  201. U.S MPG vs. Imperial MPG
  202. Haltec ECM tuning for more FE
  203. Electronic wheel?
  204. lx to hf expectations
  205. lrr tires
  206. Aerodynamics improvement
  207. Coolest wheels ever
  208. start/stop button in injected car, where to start?
  209. L2H2 for 1998 civic HX
  210. Oxygen Sensor?
  211. oil level
  212. Gas expected to peak at $3.60 a gallon
  213. National Fuelsaver Corporation
  214. I've got some of this and some of that...
  215. 65 MPH Zone Speed?
  216. which years of the vx has the 11.9 gallon tank?
  217. Ultimate blow to the FE.
  218. noggin scratcher
  219. Increase MPG !!
  220. Need advice on car choice
  221. Lower gas prices with your phone
  222. Farewell to Stumblebee...
  223. Best FE book I've read
  224. 2002 civic si
  225. How the EPA test for MPG
  226. 78 tires vs 70 series tires
  227. Looking for an econo box ?
  228. Simple Gear Calc program
  229. Custom radiator fan trigger ?
  230. lose accessory belts better fe
  231. Adventurers Wanted for Road Trip - Late May
  232. a honda that ws banned?
  233. My First Post! Questions regarding FE and my Nissan.
  234. Mason Dixon Line?
  235. Advice on car model to buy
  236. odb protocol question (fe reading hardware)
  237. I'm shooting for my best tank WITHOUT the SG2
  238. Hydrogen fuel cell, good or bad idea?
  239. Using diesel as gasoline additive?
  240. FE team challenge...is it still alive?
  241. Nitrous Oxide for FE?
  242. If you had 10,000$ to mod with...
  243. 97 Jeep XJ - 4.0L
  244. 2 types of Hybrids ... which is more efficient?
  245. Toluene
  246. Anyone know the MPG for 93 Civic Si Hatch?
  247. CRX VX Swap MPG?
  248. will a heavier car coast further?
  249. Wheel Bearings - rolling resistance question
  250. riding on 1st gear saving gas?