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  1. Painless Brake Bleeding
  2. Boat Tail
  3. temp vs mpg
  4. fuel warmer test results are in !!
  5. DIY Index: Threads for Modifications and Repairs
  6. Intake Mist Generator
  7. Tool Identification Guide
  8. Switched Hot/Cold Air Intake
  9. Yaris sedan grill block testing
  10. Mixture control
  11. windshield airflow
  12. Blackfly XFi?
  13. Peakster's First Formal Experiment a Success!
  14. Aero front license plate
  15. Taller tires = better MPG?
  16. Let's test alternator belt tension/mpg!
  17. Rad fan removal?
  18. Place your bets on the smart...
  19. Has anyone measured the impact of wind on FE?
  20. Acetone
  21. Grill Block 88 CRX
  22. building a 100 MPG Microcar
  23. Tripcomputer with out pulse is that possible ???
  24. 95metro about to conduct ambitious (blind & controlled) acetone test - cancelled
  25. Automatic Downshift Cable Disconnect
  26. Wanting to Confirm/Bust the HAI
  27. Has anyone thought of using 4 'donut' tires?
  28. Throttle-Position Cruise Control
  29. Smooth wheel covers, measureable gains?
  30. Ram Air Wind Alternator
  31. E15
  32. Best way to do a lowering experiment?
  33. exhaust wrap - interesting results
  34. Measuring Crr.
  35. Help needed with an experiment.
  36. Light versus Heavy Throttle Acceleration
  37. '93 Civic CX Hatch - d16B8
  38. Halo Plugs
  39. Anyone used anything from Rostra cruise control?
  40. DIY: Trim Painting
  41. DIY LEDs, the easy way...
  42. DIY: Wire Tuck!!!
  43. Plugs you will need to put a d15z1 into your MPFI Civic/CRX
  44. DIY vortex generators...
  45. brake temps -how hot is too hot?
  46. DIY: Wire Tuck (In Progress)
  47. Rolling and sliding friction.
  48. Temporary spares
  49. Summer time testing... need your ideas
  50. Why mpg testing is difficult and variable...
  51. Getting a MSD 6AL
  52. Condensator Installation/Reporting Thread
  53. 1995+ Metro Front Brakes
  54. New Thread; DPFI Economy Enhancement
  55. DIY: Break Passenger Side Mount
  56. Serious testing takes time and energy.
  57. Fuel additive experiments....
  58. DIY: front end alignment...toe-in...
  59. DIY: Oil Change
  60. Speed versus MPG (CRX)
  61. Alternator v. no alternator - 10% gain @ 70 km/h
  62. DIY Honda Civic 5-Speed Conversion
  63. Average People Per Car
  64. gasoline and veggie oil, to much time to think.
  65. Vortex Generators / Hmmm Airtabs
  66. Higher Speeds
  67. DIY: Valve Cover Painting
  68. Hand Activated Throttle Control
  69. MID Install
  70. DIY: LEDs (Part I)
  71. FFT Fuel Catalyst
  72. mpg vs. speed
  73. skirts
  74. Hydrogen Injection
  75. xylene??
  76. New Tech vs Old Tech, which yields the best FE?
  77. Filter catch can
  78. 195* Tstat
  79. Testing Exhaust Systems on my CRX
  80. Crazy Crazy Coroplast. DIY interior and Grille Block
  81. DIY: Push Button Start
  82. Spark Plug Tricks
  83. Belly Pan Installation, Honda Del Sol
  84. When to Fill up at the station to get the best value.
  85. Geo suspension Welding / Rebuilding
  86. Cutting back on radiator drag
  87. AC and Power steering on FE
  88. Long term polyisobutylene test w/GTAT Additive (Viscon) about to start
  89. Lawn Mower Fuel Brand Experiment
  90. Gas Savings Tips
  91. Intake air flow modification
  92. DIY: Installing a Front Camber Kit (CRX but applicable to most Hondas)
  93. google earth
  94. Proposed experiment: MPG-CAPS
  95. Lowering your car in order to increase fuel economy
  96. Dropped! My Weekend Project
  97. DIY: Installing Coilovers
  98. gear choice
  99. SuperMID M1, MPG Computer
  100. coolant sensor mod
  101. Vacuum Guage and Digital Fuel Gauge
  102. idle warm-up experiment
  103. WAI vs. Stock and Tube from header vs. No tube from header
  104. How to use heli-coils to fix your stripped bolt holes
  105. 4 cylinder trucks
  106. WAI vs CAI test results
  107. Law of Averages
  108. DIY: Custom Shift Knob Coloring
  109. How to build a conversion harness for a Honda VX (p07) ECU
  110. Solar/plug-in 12V system, alternator optional
  111. How to build your own Warm Air Intake (WAI)
  112. Cylinder Deactivation
  113. Shifting Tactics
  114. Warm Air Intake System -- Heater coil or core?
  115. Hair Dryer Power!
  116. IAT Sensor Mod Experiment
  117. DIY: Hardwire Your Ipod for 30 Bucks
  118. Fuel Line Magnet Test
  119. PCV Catch Can - keeps your engine clean, which helps gas mileage in the long run.
  120. Over-Inflating the Tires
  121. Putting Acetone in gas tank to increase fuel economy
  122. How to properly conduct an experiment
  123. Dual Point Fuel Injection to Multi Point Fuel Injection