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  1. Auto battery charge in my car
  2. Porsche 911 Targa.
  3. Stand alone DFCO
  4. Roof Rack/Cargo Box
  5. Fifth Gear experiment: Do Stop/Start Engines Make A Difference?
  6. BMW with DInantronics Tuner: MPG boost?
  7. Improving the gas mileage of my silverado: Lightening the truck
  8. Anyone use a SMALLER intake tube?
  9. Running an engine without a battery + a few other modifications
  10. After market exhaust on my F150 Ecoboost
  11. MPGuino / Help!!!
  12. Wideband controller for monitoring
  13. MPGuino Install
  14. Testing a vapor setup for 4 years on my lawn mower
  15. 460 flex fuel
  16. Ecu s
  17. 1986 Pontiac Fiero hot vapor engine car
  18. Aura cl seats in 92 civic vx ?
  19. Chemically modify the gasoline.
  20. How to clean the Breather box.
  21. The "Correct" Acetone for Automotive Fuel Testing
  22. Project code name Cheese Wedge
  23. '99 Mercury Grand Marquis
  24. Biodiesel as gasoline additive
  25. New revolutionary green technology that saves you money on premium gas
  26. Micro swamp cooler
  27. Nissan Motors developing an electric car that powers homes
  28. Grill Block Grand Caravan
  29. For those who like to try something new...
  30. Hf transmission swap into a VX
  31. 89 crx hf engine d15b6 into crx si
  32. How does ignition timing change affect MPG
  33. Modify stock VX air box
  34. Civic VX circulating tank heater install
  35. Insulated paraffin wax coolant heat exchanger
  36. Idea for recovering Energy from Idling engine
  37. The power of Petrol "Gasoline"
  38. By-pass filter applications?
  39. Increased PSI resulting in engine working harder? Discovered Dent in oil pan
  40. Graphite dust in transmission oil?
  41. Fuel Additives Poll
  42. Little help please W/an Op Amp
  43. Cheap DIY EFIE
  44. Denso Platinum TT Plugs
  45. A/F gauge with EFIE?
  46. How many people have a HAI/WAI?
  47. Brisk Silver spark plugs
  48. Smaller injector nozzles, and maybe higher fuel pressure?
  49. My new car to test my lean burn chamber
  50. Running an engine on nothing but vapor (video)
  51. Lean burn cooldown/ Water injection?
  52. Coasting in neutrel
  53. Truck Bed Removal?
  54. EGR Modification for better gas mileage?
  55. Is there any way to get Manifold pressure reading in and OBD 2 auto?
  56. Tungsten disulfide WS2 lube?
  57. Engine Modification
  58. Are Adjustable Cam Gears Worth It!
  59. 94 Honda Civic Lx DIY MPG gauge questions
  60. My experience with Airtabs
  61. generator to power electric vehicle?
  62. Templates Library?
  63. Installed 75% grille block on my Blazer *pics*
  64. Reducing RPM's in Neutral
  65. Neutral vs DFCO - 2008 Hyundai Accent
  66. A question about turbocharger
  67. Tip: Quick lug nut work without air tools
  68. Accurate way to measure idling fuel consumption
  69. MPG vs MPH at different throttle settings
  70. 91 CRX Seat cover swap from passenger to driver side
  71. Quick & dirty camera mount for SG2 filming
  72. Tape a barometer to your hood? YES!
  73. A good way to measure the vulume of air/fuel taken in by an engine?
  74. anyone experienced knock with HAI/WAI?
  75. The Hull effect
  76. turbocharging 2000 civic lx for FE?
  77. Ethanol Free Gas Found At Last!!!
  78. Hope I am in the right forum
  79. Result from using Restore additive...
  80. 2+2=4... But If you -2 Then??
  81. Driving around with the rear windows open?
  82. Pix of my WAI, what target temperature?
  83. Bumper Protective Finish?
  84. MPG vs "Level" Speed
  85. Camcorder as Back Up Camera?
  86. Fuel Economy Simulator
  87. Ethanol % and what to do when there to high?
  88. My WAI
  89. Home Depot Accepts Competitor Coupons
  90. DIY floats
  91. Inexpensive DIY OBDII equipment, finally?
  92. Good Multi-Tool With 1/4" Hex Bit Adapter
  93. Hyndai Logo Removal
  94. GPS mount possibilities
  95. Hacking GPS Navigators
  96. TomTom Accent Icons
  97. Accounting for variable grade
  98. Anemometer for travel speed calibration?
  99. Dump vehicle scale vs curb weight - they match
  100. DIY Jawhorse
  101. DIY Arriva Headphones
  102. Coast Down Derivation
  103. Good place for dead on front picture?
  104. Data to collect?
  105. Car as vacuum source for vacuum forming?
  106. From 15 to 23.75mpg (so far) in a 5500lb work truck
  107. Tools you keep in the car?
  108. Silliest DIY Project?
  109. Automatic Transmission "best speed" test...
  110. List of good suppliers
  111. Harbor Freight: Friend or Foe?
  112. DIY built-in kneepads
  113. Trailer Light Kits
  114. DIY Analog to Digital Oscilloscope for under $10
  115. Mirror removal - 2008 Hyundai Accent
  116. HAI Experiment
  117. Looking for a multimeter?
  118. Standardized Modifications Form
  119. Planning to make a regression model... anyone else?
  120. Pulse Plugs
  121. Exhaust wrapped all the way back
  122. Wai
  123. donut tires
  124. Pre thoughts to my experament
  125. Moist air intake idea
  126. GM V6 IAT HAI trick?
  127. Amsoil 2 Cycle As Fuel Additive
  128. Be careful taking off that lower lip.
  129. Cold Start Valve for Water Injection?
  130. Total fuel used VS average MPG
  131. Grill / radiator block great
  132. Cool! I found my gas logs
  133. Cool! I found my gas logs
  134. Intercooler/preheater
  135. i want to make my own Map/Maf enhancer
  136. Thermoelectric hydrogen generator
  137. Radiator block a success? Once again, I'm too impatient.
  138. Electric help
  139. Results DX block with HF head in a HF
  140. crazy thoughts
  141. Racing Fuel, Worth An Experiment?
  142. X gauge question.
  143. Geo Metro insulated hood "how to"
  144. Honda Civic SOHC Valve Adjustment (includes VX)
  145. Fog device
  146. idea to completely Streamline a car
  147. Dfco??
  148. Free Reference Implementation: HHO Device
  149. WAI Experiment Questions
  150. Winter is Approaching!
  151. civic vx ignition timing
  152. 1992 240sx... getting worse MPG after install HHO
  153. MPG results for 2006 Dodge 5.7 litr Hemi truck...
  154. Restoring a vx
  155. Electrorheology Leads to Efficient Combustion
  156. Hyundai Accent kill switch
  157. white gas
  158. New WAI project.
  159. Injector kill switch?
  160. looking for input on an HHO system
  161. Testing ethanol content of fuel
  162. Green Gasoline
  163. Fuel Heater (wrap Around Coolant Hose Or Exhaust Pipe??)
  164. DIY Engine Management System
  165. A/C Modification Idea
  166. Installing Aftermarket Cruise on Honda Civic VX
  167. Poor mans regeneration with alternator relay.
  168. Am i welcome here??
  169. Well, I just ordered some E rated Michelins for The Beast
  170. Building my own HHO system
  171. Tweaking Bosch FI
  172. OBD with a lap top
  173. Blocking secondaries
  174. Need some input - Bolt on electric motor assist
  175. Bluwave hydrogen hybrid
  176. gen 2 integra vx swap
  177. DIY HID Conversion Kit Install
  178. 49/51 Coolant/Water ratio for a warmer engine?
  179. Generator containers
  180. Another hydrogen "breakthrough"
  181. Proposed Tire Pressure Experiment
  182. electric fan conversion
  183. P&G in a big Saturn
  184. Gel Batterys
  185. Exhaust Thermoelectric Generator
  186. --- What temp to heat Gas to? ---
  187. How to clean your EGR Ports on 88-91 Crx HF
  188. I want to run E85 in a d15z1
  189. rod to stroke ratio
  190. ECO peddal
  191. Video of my hho setup.
  192. Hydrogen generation breakthrough?
  193. powering down the alternator
  194. my experience with heated fuel/vapor carb
  195. need best strategy for testing ne gas saver
  196. Sterling Heat pump
  197. automated grilleblock
  198. Tailpipe Emission Test Results with HHO
  199. EFIE for wideband o2 sensors
  200. which o2 sensor do i put the antifouler plugs on and how many
  201. test results - the great tire search of 2008
  202. Tires and Airtabs oh my!
  203. Exhaust gas throttling
  204. -- WAI -- The debate of where to route it...
  205. hypermilage video
  206. Possible source of SS electrodes?
  207. Diy Grill Blocking 95 Civic
  208. The great tire search of 2008
  209. Skeptic HHO TEST
  210. DIY HAI and heat shield on Saturn SL2
  211. 'Convert' Conventional engine into 'Atkinson' by..
  212. Pics of My HHO Setup
  213. Xado, LC-20, FP-Plus
  214. Singh Grooves
  215. Better mileage for fuel injected gas vehicles
  216. Request for Data from TheHolyCow
  217. A Theory...[Hybrid?]
  218. Air speed indicator
  219. o2 sensor wrap
  220. Methanol + E10 + SEFI/MPFI = mpg gain?
  221. Help me interpret my results
  222. Trick for P&G On an automatic.. Hint, you need Cruise Control
  223. Hypermiling on a scooter
  224. Heat Insulation/Dynamat insulator
  225. Gen'2 CR-V grill block, rear bumper aero + road surface...
  226. Coasting- N vs. in gear coasting
  227. O2 Sensor Voltage To Lean Out
  228. -- Anyone tried blocking their Air Intake? --
  229. automatic active grillblock
  230. "self pumping" HHO cell concept...
  231. CEL 48 issue on 1992 Civic VX
  232. Managing an extremely rusted body.
  233. Gliding in The Beast - I'm thinking its not worth it under 45mph.
  234. computer fan turbo?
  235. Smalest (HH-O) i have made with the best output so fat
  236. Fuel Economy & A/C Usage
  237. good materials to use?
  238. H2 from Ethanol by dehydrogenation.
  239. Unbelting The Alternator
  240. When filling up today to check my mileage I had an issue.
  241. Selective Fuel Injector Cutoff
  242. Exhaust manifold Steam boiler?
  243. Fuel Heater
  244. P&G/coasting.
  245. been researching several possible mods,but....
  246. ECU question
  247. performance air filter
  248. How to accelerate in P&G mode?
  249. Plotting the drive!
  250. cold weather and hho generator