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Fusion Eats Gas

2014 Ford Fusion Titanium

2.0L L4 GAS Automatic 6 Sedan (4 Door)

Property of AMP919 Added Jun 2015 Location:

AWD Tuxedo Black, Medium Soft Ceramic, Heated Steering Wheel, Driver's Assist, Sunroof, and Navigation.

This car is AWFUL. I'm trying to lemon it. Ford knows there is an issue and won't do anything (sometimes Fuelly inaccurately calculates the gas mileage as much higher than actual due to a missing receipt. The low ones ARE ACCURATE.). I can drive 10 miles and use 1/4 tank. I drive 30-35 miles to work, and I use 1/4 tank a day, if not more! My 2012 SEL AWD Fusion was perfect, but my lease was up.

Basic Stats

23.3 (0.0)


21.9 (+0.1)

Last MPG

110.9 (8/11/15)

Best MPG

  • $2.84 Avg Price/Gallons
  • $26.42 Avg Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.121 Avg Price/Mile
  • $1,056.82 Total Spent

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 9
  • 0
  • 3
  • 5

Total Miles Tracked

43 averaging 1 per week
Total Fuel-ups

Recent Fuel-ups

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