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Why is my Fuelly forum signature/badge out of date?

We serve thousands of forum signature images each day and to keep them (and this site) speedy we write the images to a cache. That means there could be a lag between adding a fuel-up, and having that fuel-up reflected in your Fuelly signature.

Badges are updated each time you add, edit, or remove a fuel-up. If your badge isn't reflecting your most recent fuel-up you could try editing an existing fuel-up to reset it. You might also be seeing a locally cached version of the image—some browsers and networks are more agressive about caching than others. To check, try bypassing your local cache with a hard refresh. In many browsers, reloading the page where you see the image with the keys Ctrl + Shift + R will do it. For specific instructions for your browser, look at these instructions at Wikipedia.
posted on August 20, 2010

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