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Wow! UfoTofU has recored some amazingly good gas mileages with his automatic! It's amazing how 20 years after these little cars introductions, they're still amazing little vehicles.

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Originally Posted by vt420 View Post
hmm.. the way I see it, soe of the hyrids and diesels are going to have autos too, so did you mean best non-hybrid gasoline automatic mpg? that seems like an awful lot of restrictions, and sounds a little like someone trying to make him/her self feel better about choising a less efficent drive train

I'm not trying to be rude, or start a flame-war. I just think if all you say is automatic, then the diesels and hybrids that don't have 3 pedals should count also. If you mean non-hybrid and gasoline, then it should have been stated.

Very good point. Yesh i did mean to have it for just gasoline powered, non-hybrid slushbox owners. I didn't do it so much to make me feel better, but more to for all the other owners of slushbox, gassers's out there. I kept finding these vehicles to be largely ignored due to the fact they get much lower gas mileage than their manual transmission counterparts, and there wasn't a lot of competition for them, as there would be if they were manual.

That's the main reason i made this, to promote them for what they are, and hopefully encourage them to work a little harder at getting up there. I know I've got a little more motivated from seeing such high gas mileages!

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OdieTurbo -

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
OdieTurbo -


Man I never knew that!

I really think it would be GREAT if you found that thread. Half the agony of an auto is having no control as to when it shifts.

The more I think of it, this makes sense. The Saturn auto *does* look like the manual, except for a big metal bulge on top. That must be where all the auto control stuff is housed.

Also, the Saturn manual transmission uses automatic transmission fluid. NOW I KNOW WHY! Its a dual-purpose transmission.
(NOTE : vt420 corrected me that this is not uncommon on manual transmissions)

I think this is the thread you are talking about :

Don't hate - automatic tranny experiment
Originally Posted by plastic torpedo
Hey, now before you all call me a ricer and what I'm working on is wrong, consider the fact that it doesn't cost A WHOLE LOT and lotsa people with automatics would find this interesting! Plus this is my second car now, so I want to experiment and make something different.

Well, here's the deal:

I'm making my automatic "manually controlled".
That's right. I will select 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or reverse gears ELECTRONICALLY and INDEPENDENTLY from the computer. Not only that, but I will use the TCC as my CLUTCH

Since I have some mediocre background in electronics, I've learned that the tranny is fully electronically controlled by turning shift solenoids in the valve body on or off. I feel that sometimes, I want more control (though other times I want it to be auto). I would like to be able to select gears and hold them for as long as I feel necessary. I want to be able to select 1st gear and stay in it, etc.

I've noticed only one solenoid is open during various gears, and by identifying those solenoids I can control the shifting. I also noticed the torque converter lockup clutch is controlled by a single wire, so I can "apply" the clutch (and disengage it) any time I want, just like a real clutch!

Well, so far I went past the "proof of concept" part and installed the "clutch pedal". I can now control when the torque converter locks up. I have a switch that lets me decide whether I want the computer to apply the clutch, or whether I want to do it manually. It's been pretty fun squeaking wheels by "dropping the clutch" The computer never locks up the TCC in 1st gear.

I'll let you know how this project goes. I'm looking into steering-mounted controls like in those high-end cars that let me go up or down a gear with a push of a button.

Rain is a major problem in this state, so it's taking me a while. Let me know if you guys think it's something worth documenting so more people can do this mod. Somebody else once did a similar thing in another Saturn, but nobody has heard from that person anymore.


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