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Fiero Aerodynamics

I know I started out with a Cd of 0.365
I added a front air dam and rear spoiler. I also created duct work that directs all the air from the radiator out the hood. These modifications made the car a lot more stable.

This weekend I will be making an under body tray out of Coroplast.

I am trying to figure out how to reduce the Cd.
Should I focus on the airflow behind the rear window or is there a place I would get better results?

I have been looking at how Lotus and Ferrari handles the airflow behind the rear window.

Lotus Esprit with fins over the rear deck.

Lotus Esprit with 2/3 of the rear deck covered.

Ferrari with spoiler at rear of roof line

I could also add vortex generators along the rear of the roof line.

Any advice on where to start?

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I'd try to connect the back of the cab/back window to the spoiler, making sure the angle doesn't go past 15 degrees, and put airtabs on the sides/back right before the 90 degree drop off.

Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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Nice Fiero! They are great handling cars, drive like no other. I'd still be driving my 2M4 today if it weren't for a date under an SUV:
Attachment 153Attachment 154
Fieros have HUGE wheel well space, so wheel skirts would do it wonders. Placing a cover over the rear of the car will reduce turburbulent air. By the way, when the Fiero's headlights are flipped up, it increases Cd by 0.04! Luckily, the Fiero has a small amount of frontal area.

Remember, Fieros are driven for the unique look, not for the aero. It says on your car description that you want 40mpg @ 65mph. Mine was an automatic with the 2.5L engine and it got 37mpg in the summer @ 55mph. The torque converter engaged as early as 30mph.
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I want to meet all my goals by summer and realistically I should.

- 40 MPG at 65 MPH interstate driving (It is 175 miles each way to see my girlfriend on the weekends). If a 3800 SuperCharged Grand Prix can get 39 MPG. A lighter Fiero with aero work and a 3800 Turbo should be able to get 40 MPG.

- 10 Second ¼ mile pass (My setup has enough power)

- Stability at 175 mph (driving in East Coast Timing Associations events and Open Road Racing)

The pop up headlight will be gone in the next couple of months and replaced with fixed HID lights with lexan covers. At this point I am concentrating on lowering the Cd at much as possible.

My car is an 84 Indy. The 2.5 left a couple of engine swaps ago and the notchback was replaced with a fastback.
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I'm thinking you can completely smoothen out the underside of this car. This will help aerodynamics a LOT! More downforce, less drag, just overall GREAt benefits with no losses. Maybe with this and some kind of aero-moddin' over the engine, you wont' need that drag inducing wing. The only problem I could see is the engine bay might run a little hot?

to a good looking, very fast car, I can't imagine ever going that fast in a car with such a short wheel base. I've also got a little turbo car, but it's only a 12 second car, and it tops out around 150. But I have 4 seats, whew... had to get rid of those feelings of inferiority
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Spearco 2-231 water-air intercooler
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Lincoln -

*If* it wouldn't hurt the engine cooling, how about a boat tail to extend cab? :

I don't know what the aftermarket spoilers for a Fiero look like, but if there was one that closely followed the shape of the cab, then I think you could make a very stable boat tail.

I think it would end up looking like a Nissan Pulsar Sportbak.


Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG?
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