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"Automotive Fuel Economy - How Far Should We Go?"

"Automotive Fuel Economy - How Far Should We Go?" by the National Academy Press. 259 pages of committee-written fuel economy book...I don't have the patience, does anyone want to mine it for useful information?

Read online from the publisher's setup:

Read online in web format...
From the title page:
From page 1:

Read online in .GIF image format, so you see it in original form without a bunch of crap surrounding it...
From the title page:
From page 1:
I recommend reading it that way, using the following tools:

Use the Incremenet and Decrement bookmarklets to make page-turning easier:
I'll try putting them in this message. Drag them to your bookmark bar, then click them to increment/decrement the last number in the URL, which turns pages in the GIF format (and probably in that HTML too but not so necessary there):
The letters in the URL change between the title/contents/preface pages and the body pages, so increment/decrement won't cross that boundary, which is why I posted both first pages.

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O.K. now this is comming from Geet Pantone, they used extreme fuel heat to vaporize not atomize fuel, they also feed exhaust back into the engine and ran it through a water vaporizor. Their claim was 47 mpg large trucks, 75 mpg for sedans, and a Ford Pinto that got 130 mpg, using their fuel heating system.

Will the car industry go totally Hybrid? Were talking 40-50 mpg for Prius style vehicles. Big trucks that get 30+? Should all pickup trucks be diesel? Should all SUV's be diesel?

We've seen the way the auto industry adapts to change, Bailout!

We have also seen the way mileage and electric car quotas have not been meet and go unpunished and then a last minute rule change erases all sins.

Gas is cheap now and has relulled America into a false sense of security, again. I remember the gas lines of the 70's, just the way my father remembers growing up in the depression, eating lard bread and simple water (water + sugar).

American government is reactionary, I use Geet Pantone as a maximum to set the end of the scale with. With current technology I see 35 to 40 mpg would be in the ball park as a target.
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