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Ford switching to global design


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Didn't GM try this with the J car or whatever the thing was called?
One car fits all regardless of the region , application etc.

One problem I can readily see is not related to the production of the car but the need to meet the legislation variations in each marketplace.
Japan laws are different from those of the EU for example.


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The North American and European Escorts soon diverged after the first generation. The same thing happened with the current Focus, but we might have been a gen behind the europeans to begin with.

This isn't new or novel. How many Toyotas/Scions are built around the Corolla? Ford as been sharing platforms with Mazada and Volvo for awhile now. This is PR on Fords part to highlight they are a progressing and more financial secure company.
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Losing count of the number of times we were supposed to get the euro focus and other euro fords, "real soon now"

Been lots of "world cars" that diverged quite a lot in Europe and America, Fiesta, Escort, Contour/Mondeo Dodge Omni/Talbot Horizon, Chevette/Kadett, Cavalier, LeMans/Astra/Kadett and a repeat Astra/Kadett. Omega/Catera

2nd gen escort, though the euro escort diverged a lot, had South African, South American, Australian etc cousins in the Laser.

In fact, I think it's actually bad PR, people will just roll their eyes and think "Here we go again, get promised a light, nippy, thrifty eurobox and end up with a stodgy overweight underpowered POS again"
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