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Haha... excellent stuff Geekguyandy. I guess that I truly am the worst type of American there is. I drive old salvage cars that I fix up with imported parts, and drive efficiently to minimize the amount of gasoline that I burn. I hate freedom (or at least the fake type that US citizens love to shove down each others' throats) and think we could all enjoy REAL freedom by limiting our rights to do stupid things.

In a village with a fixed amount of food, the man who eats more than his fair share is either killed or banished. We need to apply this to modern day society!!!

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Ah, but what if he slaved over 40 acres of farmland and ate half of it and gave the rest away to people in need? We could use a few of those people too!

Then there's Venzuela, selling home heating oil to NYC for pennies and calling it Aid! Priceless! Our government goes to war to secure the oil, while another one just gives it to us.

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Ya, if you start de-motivating people who work hard, there may be implications to that as well.

Venezuela's motives may be more political than philanthropic.
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Some of these suggestions are downright silly! Wood?!? Are you serious??? Wood is just about the least efficient thing you can use to heat a house with. Do you know why most of england and indeed large portions of europe a deforested? Using wood to heat! Consider than that these vast tracts of forest were removed by a population 1/100th the size of what lives in Europe now!

Lets talk about ideas that work instead! Geothermal is a great option, central heating stations based on waste heat from power plants are a good option, bio-gas is an excellent option, and in agricultural areas requires no additional cultivation, simply re-use of agricultural waste..... but wood? Get your head out of you-know-where.
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Actually the woods of England where used mostly to make steel before there was a method for using mined coal for that.

In a place like Finland, Canada, Russia, maybe the northern US and other places where there is abundant forests it would be a waste to let the wood rot in the forest insted of burning it.


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