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Draigflag, I still run my FaceBook account. I do so judiciously.

But I agree with you. When people cite actress/model Jenny McCarthy to support their beliefs on medicine, and they cite politicians to support their beliefs on science, it's abundantly clear that we've descended into an age of superstition and the easy manipulation of tens or hundreds of millions of people.

Simple example: "We're the greatest country in the world!" Do you not realize that means you view everyone else as being beneath you? That you make yourself out to be The Master Race? Have you not watched any documentaries about that scenario, and seen it lead to Bad Things™?

(sigh :-/ )


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Originally Posted by SteveMak View Post
When you look at the real-world numbers for all ICE in cars and SUVs on the road, they indicate VW's diesels are not the worst in terms of real-world emissions (though this runs contrary to the common narrative). However VW's diesel are the worst in terms of offending public sensibilities, in that they were caught using a "cheat device" (as defined by law).

Most of the public formed their opinion based on the opinions they've heard expressed through the media.
VW's diesels could be cleaner(the could is there because I haven't looked at the report in a few years) in Europe, but the EPA's actions are in response to how their cars purposely behaved in the US. Here, they did emit a lot more NOx than the BMW that ran the same routes as they did.

And their emitting more had nothing to do with lab tests not matching real world driving cycles, but everything to do with them designing a system that turned off the emission controls when it didn't detect a lab test being run.

It sucks that the EPA is scrutinizing diesels more, but that isn't their fault. Mercedes diesel fans are losing out because M-B is leaving, but what about the diesels the US didn't get because the car companies couldn't figure out how VW passed emissions and kept performance at the time. Mazda might still be planning on introducing a diesel, but Honda gave up years ago.

GM and BMW both have 2017 diesel models, that aren't large trucks, for sale right now. Getting the EPA certification is not an impossible endeavor.

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