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My ideal daily driver

I want a small station wagon, about the size of the old Saturn SW2, with a hybrid diesel driveline with an electric-only range of 20-25 miles.

The diesel engine should be a turbocharged 800cc three-cylinder.

Bolt it to a close-ratio six-speed manual transmission.

Give me remote keyless entry, air conditioning, power steering, and traction control.

An easily removable roof rack capable of carrying bicycles and lumber, including 4x8 sheets of plywood.

The rear seat should fold completely flat, giving a load floor 6 1/2 feet long.

The rear window should hinge vertically. It should also lock into place in more than just the normal closed position. Being able to secure the rear window open in several positions would be helpful when hauling cargo.

Below the rear window should be a tailgate that folds and locks down to extend the load floor.


How about you?

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Mine would be an EV with room for 4, range of 100 miles top speed of 65 mph. AC would be nice, gets hot down here, but not a deal breaker. Would have solar panels for charging on the hood, roof and trunk and would cost under 10k with a total recharge time of 4 hours.

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Zyteck is the name you want. Harbert. They made a deisel-hybrid Smart ForFour. Room for five, threecylinder turbo with a lithiumion hybrid system. And it can have all the options that you stated. Too bad its not production....yet <- its unlikely though cause the forfour is discontinued
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theclencher -

Originally Posted by theclencher View Post
I want a Porsche Speedster replica with a 5-speed stick and a small turbo-diesel.
How about a Beck? :

The Speedster is 1600 lbs!!!!

But the 550 is 1300 lbs!!!!!!!

Or an electric 550 :

Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG?
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5speed Honda insight. With a trailer so I could hold more crap if i need to.
2008 EPA adjusted:

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Perfect Hypermiler

For me: basically a low-displacement Clean-Diesel/SVO-Electric Plug-In Hybrid with a 6-speed manual.

Maybe take the size of of a Civic Sedan with a Fastback design and hatchback (kinda like the old 4-door Integras). Very low Cd, but still comfortable for 4 adults (include A/C) -- maybe a suspension that lowers at higher speeds to reduce drag. Folding rear seats for loading stuff. No PS needed (for engine-off coasting).

Must have all the safety features: Side-Curtain Airbags-front/back, ABS with EBD, TC, and Stability Control.

Power would take a back-seat to economy. Maybe an MPG-based cruise-control system (for load), and a built-in Scangauge-like feedback system.

But still, made by a reputable company that backs the vehicle by a warranty.

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Ya know, this question sent me on a bit of a scavange hunt, from hydrogen powered ICE's (and some long winded videos) to at home natural gas refuellers (that take 800 watts!!! for 4 hours after a 50 mile trip). Why couldnt hydrogen have the good sense to be a liquid at SDC?

Putting all the vehicular energy demand on the grid doesn't seem like the right answer, nor does burning fuel to run an engine to turn a generator to drive a motor. As well as regenerative braking suffers from the same sort of losses upon generation and motorvation.

Nope, I think using the energy directly from the fuel makes a lot of sense. Driving to minimize the amount of braking (foot or engine) makes a lot of sense also. And carpooling makes a hell of a lot of sense.

So I still don't have an answer, I'm happy with what I got for what I got it for I recon. If I could recoup some of the braking energy (typically <15mph to 0) that would be great, and if I could reposition the car at a stop with the ICE staying off, I'd be set (assuming if speculated motor/generator did not affect weight/coasting).
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A hybrid diesel Toyota Hilux 4x4 double cab
Coils in all 4 corners
Solid axles front and rear with electric torsen style lockers.
32"x10.5" ATs
Flat underbelly with integrated skid plates-belly pan
6 spd DSG style transmission
Throttle Lock
Mercedes style "bubble surround" air bags
TCS, ESP, RMC, ABS w/ EBD + downhill hold
Programmable ECU
LCD display with access to all ECU monitored sensors
Under 25k
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Originally Posted by Silveredwings View Post

Thats Great sign me up

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