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Reasons for picking a fuel efficient car

<p><strong>Author:</strong>Timion, Matt</p><p><strong>Publication:</strong></p><p><strong>Date:</strong>09/06/2005</p>This is by no means the final word on the subject, but I will attempt to list a few reasons why you should drive a fuel efficient vehicle. From my point of view I do not think it matters <em>why</em> you want a fuel efficient vehicle, only that you do.

<strong>Reason one: Finances.</strong>

Gas prices have reached the highest prices the world has ever seen. Conservative estimates predict that prices will continueto rise. That hot rod you drove 5 years ago for $1.25/gallon is now costing you an arm and a leg to drive around. That status symbol Sports Utility Vehicle that used to show how much money you have now costs you all of your extra money. Cruising with your friends now leaves you with no extra money. Driving on road trips end up costing more than plane tickets.

In other words, you want a fuel efficient car because you can no longer afford to not have one.

I had the same problem with my old Jeep Wrangler. While I loved the car (it was really fun to drive) on a good day I'd get 15mpg. I was also paying for a car payment and full insurance on a car that I hardly ever drove. It just wasn't practical.

<strong>Reason two: Politics.</strong>

You hate big oil. You hate the middle east. You hate Texas. You hate texans in the middle east with big oil. Whatever your beef with the oil industry/politicians/etc you just hate giving your hard earned money to them. Maybe you want to be part of the solution by using less oil and hoping it will have an effect on our reliance on foreign oil. Taking action for your beliefs is never a bad thing.

<strong>Reason three: Pollution.</strong>

Whenever you see big black smoke coming out of a car you freak out. You want to do your part by contributing as little as possible to global warming, air polution, etc. The benefits of saving money are of little concern to you. You want a more <i>green</i> car. This is also a great reason to get a fuel efficient car.

Whatever your reason may be, you're on the right track. Whether you are doing it to save money, for political reasons, or to save the enviroment, you are doing your part and being responsible. If everyone did what you do, the world would be a much better place.

Now the question soon becomes: Should I buy an older car, or a new car? Some thoughts on that are here:
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