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FYI, just posted at EVWORLD:

EEStor will pull the wraps of their mysterious "battery" very soon; his exact word was "imminent" and that I could, in fact, hold my breath for their announcement.

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if that ceramic storage is true... oh my god the energy industry will be revolutionized..... can't wait!

and if its vaporware damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heck if i can get a battery that gives me 60 miles... i'd be pretty happy and have a 2nd car for hardcore errands.

If your reading this, then good for you, your saving some gas because your here.
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Believe me, there is a lot of Vaporware to go around. anyone remember Europositron's aluminum air batteries?

Then again, if EESTOR's claim is true, they'd have every reason to keep it secret. After all, oilies do lurk around, waiting to suppress any and all threats to their profit margins.

Personally, I think EESTOR is a fraud. If they can prove that notion wrong, I will be very pleased. they need their 'product' verified by a third party.
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Oooops -

I should have talked to these guys when I went to the LA alternative car show. They are using the AltairNano batteries :

Phoenix All Electric Motorcars ( uses "Altairnano" batteries (http://www.altairnano.com) :

Here's a SEMA video on it :

Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG? https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/calculatorSelectYear.jsp
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Looks like it is coming true . . . . 15kwh under 100lbs!!! That gives my scooter 450 mile range!!


"The first commercial application of the EESU is intended to be used in
electric vehicles under a technology agreement with ZENN Motors Company.
EEStor, Inc. remains on track to begin shipping production 15 kilowatt-hour
Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) to ZENN Motor Company in 2007 for use
in their electric vehicles. The production EESU for ZENN Motor Company will
function to specification in operating environments as sever as negative 20
to plus 65 degrees Celsius, will weigh less than 100 pounds, and will have
ability to be recharged in a matter of minutes."
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That is amazing; my 24kw bank comes in just under 1300 lbs. Hopefully these will come to pass, sure would make any EV a lot more viable.
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ZENN motor cars (CDN NEV maker) has an exclusivity agreement with EESTOR to put its vaporware, I mean ultracaps, in its cars.

ZENN is a publicly traded company. I watched its share price today: it was up over 35% this morning until trading was suspended pending a ZENN news release about the EESTOR developments (which is odd, because the news was out from EESTOR yesterday afternoon).

ZENN's share price closed up 17% today. Trading volume was through the roof - 100 times more trades today than yesterday.

You could just play the market on the EESTOR hype and buy a real set of Altair's li-ions with the profits

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