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Hybrid Motorcycle

Just received this via email. Warning, this is not for the feint of heart. Also, if you are viewing this from your office you might want to mute your speaker first.



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Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall, torque is how much of the wall you take with you.

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OMG SO not work safe. Haha,

OMG SO not work safe. Haha, we have an open office environment at work...everyone can see everyone's computers.

But damn, that's just weird (funny haha).
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but really, hybrid motorcycles?

that's pretty funny.
but really, has anyone found any hybrid motorcycles? a compeny called e-cycle was working on one like 4 years ago, even had an offer to sell you one as part of their research and test group for $6000, to help them get bugs worked out, and get their production off the ground, but I don't think anything ever happened, it souned like a sweet bike, 125cc diesel engine, and an electric motor, with enough batteries for something like 10 mile range, and the engine didn't start till you were going about 15mph.
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Lets get the spelling correct it's eCycle www.eCycle.com

I have been working with Dan on the redesign of the Hybrid - they started with a pure electric but the battery technology was not up to speed and is almost there now. They have the motors for sure and I had been working with them late last year on the total redesign of the bike with some major simplification to the design to bring the cost down and the profit margin up. Should be a pretty sweet setup now but I have to catch up from the design changes that he has been doing for the past 6 months. They are also expanding the plant and adding more CNC machining capability. The Diesel linear stroke motor would have been really nice if they had the time to perfect the design. It was supposed to turn with compression release until about 13mph starting with electric only then start injecting fuel and generating power in addition to the electric motor. Some parallel designs are on the drawing board now where you can run with either fuel or electric.
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