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Can fuel descriptions associate with mileage at *next* fuel-up?

My car gets different mileage depending on the fuel octane/brand/ethanol etc. Could you make it easier to enter fuel descriptions when you fuel-up, and have that fuel description 'carry over' to be associated with the *next* fuel-up?

It doesn't make much sense to record stuff like 'cheap CostCo gas' in the notes field, since the effects will only be felt at your next fuel-up. In fact, associating fuel descriptions with fuel-ups can mislead people.

I have a short memory and it's way easier to add fuel details while I've got today's reciept in front of me, then to dig up my old receipt next week when I find out what mileage the gas provided.

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I see what you are asking. Not sure if its something they can implement here though. Although, when you are using the notes field, you can say what you filled it with, lets see what that does for the next reading, or something like that maybe.

Not sure what else to suggest.

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Yeah, I see what you're after anthill, but no we're not going to do that. I definitely think it'd be possible to build a system to do that, but we don't want to complicate our system with that option.

I get that you want more accuracy around octane levels and things, but we're more interested in setting up a simple system that gives you a sense of how things are running rather than scientific precision. If you need that kind of accuracy you'll probably need to find a different way to track.
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