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Model not listed

I have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, the European incarnation of the Prius C. Unlike the Prius C the Yaris Hybrid is not listed as a model on Fuelly. When I registered the car I selected 'model not listed' and typed 'Yaris Hybrid'.

I've noticed I'm still not appearing in 'browse vehicles' despite having logged 12 fuel-ups over a couple of months and wondered why this would be.

I've noticed some other users have now registered their Yaris Hybrids just as 'Toyota Yaris' so reluctantly considered editing my model just to 'Yaris' but it seems I can't do that now without creating a new car as the model drop down is greyed out.

Should I wait and see if Yaris Hybrid appears as an option?

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Here's the relevant FAQ: Why isn't my car listed in the Browse Vehicles section of the site? Here's the relevant bit:

"If you entered your vehicle by selecting 'Other' from the list of models, it might still need to be approved by an administrator for public browsing. Keep in mind that we don't approve all 'Other' models, so contact us if you have a question about a specific case."

So we typically don't approve custom models if they're simply a trim level or different version of an existing model. How do we decide when something is a different model? We usually follow the manufacturer. So if Toyota lists the Yaris Hybrid as one of many options for the Yaris, we typically won't approve that as a separate model. If Toyota lists the Yaris Hybrid as its own model, we'll usually approve that as a new model. Most of the time, 'hybrid' is an engine option so when we see '[model] hybrid' in the list of custom vehicles we usually let it go by for approval. You can always choose the base model and select 'hybrid' as the engine type—as you noted other people have done.

I just went to Toyota UK, and it does seem like they're calling the Yaris Hybrid a separate model. They're listed together in the same space so it feels borderline to me, but I think we can approve 'Yaris Hybrid' as its own model in this case.
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