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128 Gallons? That's a years worth of miles for most people!


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With that size tank on my car it would be time for an oil change everytime I filled up the gas!

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18mpg for a truck is actually fairly good!

Most trucks don't even make 12mpg. Although it depends if you mainly drive in the city or on highways, and the size of your truck!

@pb: you could create a public override popup, for odo meters and gallons. Instead of you seeing the override, the user can override the value if he thinks it's correct.

That way instead of loosening up on the limitations, you can tighten them more, to make them more effective for the 99% other users here.
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Yeah, we have the override for gallons just nothing for odometer readings. And we do allow odometer distances over 1700 miles for a single tank, we just don't calculate an MPG for that particular tank. That's handy if you're entering a bunch of fuel-ups in reverse order, or if you simply missed several readings and forgot to check the "missed" tag. It's a fairly permissive system already, it's just that the lack of MPG calculation on an individual tank is what twbhd04 noticed--the system accepted the fuel-up just fine.

I hear what you're saying though and we could go that route. It just might bug a few people in some of those odd situations I mentioned which might be an ok trade-off.
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This seems similar to the problem I experienced back in April where I had gone 1538 miles on 44 gallons of Diesel and an unknown amount of used vegetable oil. I had to split my fill up into 2 separate entries so that I could have an accurate miles driven. 1700 miles will work for me, though 2000 would be even better. I'm currently at ~1400 miles on ~14 gallons of diesel, and I don't bother keeping track of my vege oil use, since I figured out it cost's me $0.04 (yes that is 4 cents) per gallon to pump, heat, and centrifuge 275 gallons at a time, which is really just my electricity usage.

I planned to refill before I had gotten to the 2000 mile mark, simply because I figured fuelly was setup to not accept mileage over 3 digits long in a single fuel up. if 1700 miles is the current cutoff, I'll make it a point to fill up before I hit that.

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