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Partial Fuel Up - Calc Improvement suggestion

Is there a way you can better handle 'Partial Fuel-ups'?
I.e. by using total fuel since the last 'full-fill' at the next full-fill and not wait for two consecutive full-fills after a partial fill...? e.g. Partial-Fill qty(...s) + full-fill qty / distance since last full-fill

I occasionally do a partial fuel up. I expected that when I do the next full-fill, Fuelly would calc the mileage based on the last partial and the current full-fill. (or the sum of all intervening partial fills plus the full-fill)

It doesn't seem to do that, it appears to wait for two consecutive full-fills

Surely you can calculate the mileage at any 'full-fill' by totaling up the fuel added since the last full-fill...?
Can this be done in your site?
It would be much more useful to me and leave a lot less gaps!

Enjoying your site otherwise - good work


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Keep in mind that all fills, including partials are included in your overall average. So we're talking about the individual MPG averages that you see when you add a fuel-up.

The problem is that Fuelly calculates that MPG average using the difference from full. So if you start including partials in that calculation, your tank size is changing. Imagine adding five or six partials in a row, there's no way to get a sense of the size of the tank. Without that difference from full, there's no way to calculate an individual MPG for a particular fuel-up.

I completely understand the frustration of filling up once or twice and not seeing any new numbers. That's frustrating. But we'd rather have that frustration than provide misleading numbers.

Here's the FAQ we have about this with more info: Why do I have to fill the tank all the way up every time I buy fuel?
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