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Updates have made site worse

I use fuelly daily just to check out stats and see what other cars achieve in MPGs, and since the site was updated a month or two ago it has become much more difficult to get the info I need.

For example, i was looking at the Ford Focus's stats tonight to see how they compare to my new mazda 3, and the focus was well below where I thought it would be. Thats when I discovered that the ST model is diluting the overall number and not giving me a true read for what the base engine achieves. The Focus ST used to be registered as its own vehicle and not merged with the base, so it didnt interfere. I do understand what the updates did in allowing us to select the engine type, but when i click to select what I want to see there are ten different engines to select when in reality there are only (from what I believe) 2 options. And even when I select the engine type that comes closest to what Im looking for, it shows each individual car and not the average like on the page before it. This is just one example but its basically across the board.

The site now seems to have so many more bugs to work out than it had before the updates. I cant see what goes on behind the scenes but it doesnt seem like it should be that hard to accomplish what they are trying to do. My new mazda has just a 2.0 and a 2.5, yet there are ten options to choose from when trying to isolate just the 2.5. Get rid of all of the "grand touring" "touring" "sport" options and just do specific engines. When I click on the mazda 3 why cant there just be a dropdown menu that just says "2.5" or "2.0?" Unless its a hybrid or has forced induction, then just combine the motors.

I am an avid user of this site but it has become just me keeping track of my own stats and not being able to view what other vehicles achieve. Everything is so inaccurate now.

And just a side note- There needs to be a "That doesnt make sense" kickback when somebody accidentally puts in that they drove 100,000 miles on their last tank and filled up with 3 gallons. Obviously that was a typo but it ruins the results for that entire vehicle year and beyond until they figure it out...if they ever do.

Thank you

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There are checks, but if the person just clicks through the warnings, the data can be posted. If you see a log that's obviously wrong, use the report page function. One of the new things that came along was the ability for moderators like me to correct errors in fuel logs like that. If the page is reported, we can look into it and do our best to fix it.

As far as the engine options, the programmers are trying to merge everything, but given the number of makes, models, and options available, that is quite a large task.

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