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Deluxe WVO Filtration Units

Just the other day, I stumbled upon a site called, "" where they're selling a light industrial filtration unit for the purpose of filtering WVO.

I've seen another system just like at it where for all intents & purposes, it appears to do the same thing. (

The only exception is that the one that you find at comes with the option of building your own filtration set-up, which can serve as a stand alone unit, or combined with a diesel craft centrifuge. Minus the centrifuge, both systems from either site claim to filter down WVO as low as 1-micron.

My question to the forum is if whether or not anyone is familar with either set-up and if these light industrial filtration units live up to their claims.

Additionally, I'm contemplating also, if these units would be effective for pre-filtration, prior to using the "Simple Centrifuge" or if whether or not that would be redundant. Thank You.

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From what 've scene it depends on how long you want your processing time to be. I've looked at both systems and there are some key words to note for both.

The nominal filter ratings mean that after several passes the filters will remove 95% of all particulate matter above the rating. Absolute filters remove 95% ofthe particulate matter after one pass (Big difference in process time).

Since the centrifuge filters by weight, particulates that weigh very little will take longer to filter out and require several passes through the centrifuge. From what I've seen if you want a fairly fast process time it's best to filter with a larger rated absolute filter (10 micron), and then pass it through the centrifuge 1-2 times( couple of hours for 55gallons).

Both of those systems "could" filter down to 1 micron, but it would require a large amount of time. If you had ust the filter housing and a 1 micron absolute filter your time would be limited by the flow rate at which you could safely pump the oil (pressure is a major factor). If you used a nominal rate filter it would require you to use several passes (50% filtered each pass would take ~5 passes for 95%).

A series set-up where the oil is pre-filtered and directed to the centrifuge would probably filter the best with the shortest process time.

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WoW, looked at that Fryer to fuel ultimate setup - $2k!!! I'm looking at this ONE SHOT SETUP FROM GOLDEN FUEL SYSTEMS though it is just a pump setup. My yard - shed - garage has hundreds of cubies I've been collecting little by little. I really should dump them into my 30 gallon drums......this setup is only good for 2 microns but since the filter in my car is 10, I'll feel safe.
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