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Column Shifter

I posted this in the automatic forum, but it doesn't look like many people visit that, so I am reposting it here.

Does anyone here prefer the column shifter over the shifter on the floor in an automatic?

I might be the only person in the world who likes the shifter on the column.

On plus of it is that it gives you a place to rest your hand when you are station surfing on the radio!

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I LOVE column shifters! All my vehicles have them. I hate floor shifters on automatics. I often rest my hand on the shifter while changing the radio station in the trucks, but the radio is too far away in my Buick to do it. The radio and a/c controls are quite a reach in that car.



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when i was pretty young, my dad had a column shifter in his truck w/ a standard tranny. yuk!
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3 on the tree.

a buddy of mine had one of those (actually not that long ago) it was a 1979 ford truck. he said you have to watch out for them because of all the linkage.

someone said something about someone stealing it one time. he gave them the keys and told them to bring 'em back when they got tired of fooling with it. they came back about 10 minutes later just a fussin and a cussin. then just to prove his point, he got in it and moved it to the other side of the building leaving a pretty deep blac mark.
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lol 3 on the tree isnt that bad, odd yes but not that much different than regular manual
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I had an automatic WRX for a little while and definitely liked the floor location because I really did use it to bump more aggressively through the gears. For most everything else, I think the column mount is actually better, as it is less likely to get accidentally bumped.

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I like column on our 77 ford diesel van. The floor space is free to walk through, and I can eaisly reach and if needed quickly shift in a rocking manuever if stuck.
But in my 98 Cadi El Dorado the seat and dash is positioned to lean back, and the steering wheel is smaller. I'd be afraid to have my driving hand that close to my shifting hand if the Cadi had a column shifter.

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