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Originally Posted by theclencher
I've dropped work and gym from my schedule, stayed single, and now have plenty of time for sleep, peace and quiet, and the ability to wake up whenever I want and go do whatever I want!

You da' man. !

I never went nuts with extra school learning but I did work extremely hard in short bursts.- example for about 5 years I worked long hard days for about half of the year.

The result .... retired at 30.

Ime now holidaying it up (world trip every 2 years) and doing what I want while my 8 year older brother that did a LOT of learning still struggles away in his job and having heart attacks.

He probably will drop dead before he retires.- so whos the winner there I wonder.

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I have to do this...

Wazabi Owner, your statement prompted me to post this -- I just want people to put their lives in perpective as you have reminded us...

My wife was selected to be an audience member on the Oprah show a couple of weeks ago, after her letter was chosen. For her privacy, I'll just say that the letter's focus was that there are so many unfortunate people in the Country and our World, that it's overwhelming to figure out who to give back to as a singular person.

She was allowed to bring one guest (she chose her best friend of many years) and they flew to Chi-town. They didn't know it beforehand, but this was the episode where everyone in the audience was given $1000 and a DVD-CamCorder. Rules: you had to spend the money on someone else, not a family member (etc), and document it all on the camera. After the project, the discs, receipts, and camera went back to Oprah. They both got invited back to show, and flew back there for a taping this afternoon. (I'll go into details on who we gave it to in a PM if necessary -- I'm not looking for credit here)

Long Story Short: when donating the money, there were so many people who we approached that were just barely making it. When asked if we could help them with their heating bill, rent, etc., many of them just said,

"I can't take the money, there are people out there that need the money more than we do".

I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I'm a 29 year old guy, and this stuff brought some serious tears to my eyes. The human spirit never ceases to amaze me, and this was a true testament. Even now, I can't type this without welling up.


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"I can't take the money, there are people out there that need the money more than we do".
how nice... wish the whole world saw it the same way...

school does suck that's why I gave up sure I won't be as rich as my fellow nerds whom I did know back in high school but you know what... I'm enjoying my current life right now and I'm glad money is NOT A BIG PART OF IT.

just for now... when the time comes maybe i'll upgrade, but when your smiling now what makes you think money is going to get you smiling harder?
If your reading this, then good for you, your saving some gas because your here.
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Originally Posted by rh77

Then there was Dr. P. She is from Sri Lanka and is the most vile professor I ever met. For one thing, OC was, and is, the toughest course I've taken in my life (I was usually able to work through other classes, but this was a different animal). In class she would call us "Stupid Americans" for not getting it, and made it even more miserable. 1/2-way through, I realized that there's no saving it, so I dropped it (first and last since). I came back next year, gave it my all, and got a 'B'. I wasn't about to let this witch ruin my academic record. Odd thing was, outside of class, she was one of the nicest people you could meet
Organic Chem! My worst nightmare! Made no sense! Pure memory work....
Your "Dr. P" was your Waterloo! But you survived! I had a camel-jockey for Thermodynamics! A grad student who barely spoke English! I ended up taking the course over! I was stupid...I didn't drop the course early-on!
That was then, this is now! When the same "leaders" pretend to run your country.... drop 'em! Life is too short! Move on....
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Don't worry, it gets much better out there in the workworld.....

"Knowledge is Good"

-Emil Faber
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