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94 rebuilt, now has 53,327 miles. Mileage in cold weather varies from 46 going 70+ on the Interstate and 55 on my local route.

Bought it totalled with 27,492 in March 08. Best mileage was 68 before I replaced the original tires 8-08 when they were 15 1/2 years old.

At 54,984 it will have double the mileage when I bought it.

Mileage dropped a lot when I replaced the original tires, but now it is coming back up, but I do not hypermile as intensely as I did when fuel was $4 per gallon. I will probably get a few tanks over 60 this summer.

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Stock '94, Honda of Canada MFG
49 state model
AC, upshift light, cargo cover
190,000 miles (2nd owner, 70k are mine)
Suspect bad O2 sensor since purchase (no CEL)
MPG: Hi:63 Lo:38 (90% highway)
49 avg w/ O2 sensor unpugged which she now demands
Only "non-routine" maintenance: axles at 120k

[QUOTE=Project84;147125I'm not "rich" by any means but I do have one advantage if you will... I'm a maintenance man.[/QUOTE]
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'95 VX, Fed model. All stock, 228,000 miles.
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93' VX 190k appears all original. Fed. model. Mostly stock. Not really excited with my not so good mileage... only averaging 44mpg's per tank with mostly highway. Headed into the alignment shop tomorrow.

I like this forum topic- this is helpful when you're looking to see what the potential mpg's are for these models.
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my 95

I have had my white 1995 vx since june of 08 . bought with 148k now has 179k . I have averaged 46/47 mpg the worst I have recorded was 39 mpg and that was on a long mountain road trip here in colorado. The best I have seen on a tank was 54 mpg.
It is a great car for commuting I love it .
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Old 04-10-2010, 08:22 PM   #26
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My "new" VX

In mid March, 2010 I bought my '93 VX hatchback (112,500 original miles) in Seattle and drove it home to the SF Bay area. Mileage averaged 34~37 on 2 1/2 tanks. I averaged 60~65 mph in Washington & Oregon and then 80 in Calif. (34mpg@80 and 37@60). I guess I have to learn how to drive this thing to get better mileage because I used to own a '93 DX hatchback with a VX tranny which I loved. In it I used to get 38mpg regularly and I drove fast all the time. The VX has so much less power than my DX I find I'm romping on the gas pedal to try to get the pickup, which I know is 8~10hp less
Those of you who get good mileage: do you have to drive like a grandma? For my 5th tank of gas I just decided to follow the shift light for my shift points and I am going to try to keep the speed below 70 in fifth to see how that affects mileage.
My idle is high and often hunts between 1000 & 1300. Another issue... Can one feel the cam kick in? I'll be driving with constant gas pedal and all of a sudden the car takes off like a scared jack rabbit. I assume that's the VTEC kicking in the 4th valve. And one last thing... the lack of sound insulation made my ears ring for a day after I drove for 13 hrs straight. Really rough roads in Oregon!
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That doesn't make any sense... You drove a DX hatch with a VX tranny and on average you got better mileage than on the VX you currently drive? Your VX needs a major service or something. Also the VX should drive a lot better than the DX though it's possible with the way you drive, you shift far too late which while great on the DX, sucks on the VX. From the sounds of things, your car needs some work and I'd get yourself a service manual so you can do some work on it because it clearly needs it. I have a digital copy of the service manual that is completely searchable.
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I've got a 1992 vx. Made in Canada and equipped with the 5-wire o2 sensor. I've got the California ECU--get about 40mpg combined.
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Re: VX owners- Please check in

93 Civic VX -Fed
320k miles
190 psig in all cylinders
Original Clutch!
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Re: VX owners- Please check in

Hello! Brand new here, just got my '92 VX (white) last week. 157,700 miles on it and no rust. The tires were bald, so just replaced them on the original rims, but had to go with 175/70R 13s. Got the new license plate on it today and will be checking the mpg soon. It is a CA model, so eventually converting to a 5-wire O2 and new ECU for better FE. May have to do the ball joints/struts first. My mechanic said 3 of 4 were torn. :-(

It's a Canada-made car, with AC and no upshift light (CA model again).

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