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is the transmission is on the passenger side of the engine like a fwd, if so then the valve cover is pointing to the front?

i don't get how you access the engine? under the conv top?

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Originally Posted by budomove View Post
Does the valve cover face the back of the car?

i have yet to see a pic og the engine from an angle that shows it's position within the car.

is there a panel that you lift up in the back to access the engine?

looks like it should be easy to access.

what is the 4th wire off the dizzy going to?

i love it!!!!
I'm going to guess that in typical 1991 Honda era, the engine was oriented similar to it's 4-banger counterparts - transverse with the exhaust coming off the front and the intake coming into the rear. It appears that the trunk panel lifts to expose the trunk and possibly another smaller panel toward the center of the car lifts to expose the engine. This is speculation yet again.

The 4th wire on the dizzy probably goes to an external coil.

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Yeah. wow. you thinking of cutting the ottom half of the rear bumper like that other guy?

doesn't look bad cut, ahh...may be a little much.

nice car!
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you should prolly be able to get parts through these guys too, they've been on ebay for close to two years now selling beats.

then again it's a honda so what would go wrong with a 36k car?

never seen itb's on an efficient car b4

i assume they measured mpg in imperial, huh?

still really efficient i'm sure, even if that's the case

10 days?!
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The guy says TONS of parts from 88-91 Civics fit, and what doesn't, I can order through him and he can get through Honda Japan for me.

I agree about the 36K miles part - I mean, I'd have paid that much or more for a 1991 CRX with only 36,000 miles.

MTREC - multiple throttle responsive engine control - it's their ITB setup...maybe I should go ahead and get used to telling people "It's MTREC, not MTRECH"

The 10,000 RPM redline statement is misleading - I found out the tachometer goes to 10,000 RPM, but the redline is 8,500 RPM. Still pretty high.

About the mileage, I'm also confused - he's showing two figures. 27 km/L is the same as 3.7L/100kms or about 63 MPG. The lower figure he's showing is 17.2 km/L or 5.8L/100kms (only 40.45 MPG). I guess I'll just have to find out on my own.

10 days.
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Gearing is likely the big issue for FE with this puppy: 3 cyl; high redline; "performance" tuned city car. Poor thing will be screaming at US highway speeds.

Have you done a speed/gear/rpm graph?

You're going to have to do a Youtube video to show us the car when you get it home.
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Congrats Dax, that's one hell of a cool car. I'm sure this goes without saying, when you get it home, make a thread with tons of pics/vids/info.
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Budomove - Look in these pictures - There are two access panels you can remove to gain large access to the engine - one panel is through the trunk and one is under the "rear shelf" the convertible top lays down into:

I'll be sure to do a big thread when I acually get the car. I'll have to borrow my mom's camera for videos and figure out how to post them.

Speeds per gear (calculated at http://www.f-body.org/gears/)

I used the gear ratios found on the eBay site:

1 - 3.428
2 - 2.166
3 - 1.576
4 - 1.172
5 - 0.941
FD - 5.714

...and I am guessing the car has the stock tire size of 165-60 R14's.

Here's what my 5th gear ratios look like:

2000 - 24
2500 - 30
3000 - 36
3500 - 42
4000 - 48
4500 - 54
5000 - 60
5500 - 66
6000 - 72

Wow. Looks like I'll be cruising in the slow lane the whole way home. I'm giving myself 2 days to make the trek. This car was obviously NOT designed for highway speeds. I bet the acceleration is nuts in the car though, haha. As I understand it redline is 8500 RPM, so I should be fine sustaining 5000 ish RPM's. It's going to suck on such a long trip, but I had a very close ratio transmission in my Civic and am used to 4000+ RPM highway cruising.


After reading some more, these cars love high RPM's. I should be fine cruising at 6000 RPMs on the way home. I probably won't get the claimed 50+ MPG doing so, but it will be fine.
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DaX -

Congrats again. You're exchanging the Beater for the Beat. The Beater has 6 letters, but the Beat has 4 letters. The Beat has only 66% of the number of letters, so you are already saving 33% on the amount of letters you type in your posts.

And a source for parts and Soichiro Honda's blessing? How can you get any better than this?!?!?!?! I'll bet Soichiro was remembering his first Honda/motorcycle car when he approved it.

Question : Even though the revs are high, what are the revs on a typical 660cc Motorcycle? On one level the comparison isn't fair because of the weight difference, but if the motor is designed for a similar power/RPM band, then it should be ok, right? How long are motorcyle engines good for in typical usage?

Are you going to save any parts from the Beater to pass on to the Beat, or would that be bad luck? I don't know the Car-ma rules on this.

Double Plus Good!!!!!

Old School SW2 EPA ... New School Civic EPA :

What's your EPA MPG? https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/calculatorSelectYear.jsp
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Maybe you could swap out the final drive, and even some of the gears once you get a feel for it. interchangable with 4g civic tranny maybe. imagine the mpg if you swapped in an hf fd, and changed all the gears too!

DaX, the rears are 165/?/14 and the front stock is 155/?/13 according to something i forget.

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