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1992 Honda Civic Hatch Back (VX?)

Here is the link. It doesn't specify the model but just from the rims it MAY be a VX for cheap with low-ish miles.


- UfoTofU

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It's probably not a VX because it has a rear windshield wiper and the protective side molding to prevent door dings. Both of these features were standard on the DX model.

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I think the only model that didn't get the moldings was the cx, but someone else can tell me I am wrong.
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my vx has side moldings, I'm pretty sure they were a dealer option, same with mud flaps, altho I don't think the rear wiper was an option on the VX, altho you could add one on your self without much truble, I can't see the dash clearly, but it looks like it has the speedo over to the right side, insted of more in the center, leaving room for a tac on the left side of the insterment cluster, it also dosn't have mud flaps from what I can tell, and I'm pretty sure that those were standard on the DX, regaurdless, it's priced low, looks to be in good shape, has low miles on it, already has VX rims, and is a 1992, so no matter what modle it is it has the v-tec wiring in it (all 1992 hatchbacks had the same v-tec wiring harness) I say get it, or at least look at it, someone who would trash a car is going to put on SI rims, or ricer rims of some sort, not VX rims, so unless it's priced low because of some problem, they most likely don't realize what they have.
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ah milano pink...
don't waste your time or time will waste you
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VX or not?????

If it has a rear wiper it's not likely to be a VX which does not have one. Why???

Different wiper switch than the CX and VX
Additional pump motor needed for rear wiper squirter on wiper fluid reservoir and tubing from engine compartment to the rear window
Wiring from the switch to the rear wiper motor was not installed in my two VX's
And some other stuff I don't remember at the moment.

Dealer installed? Not likely - too much work - especially the wiring.

If someone out there has a rear wiper on their VX I'm happy for them and I'm willing to admit I don't know what I'm talking about - for the umpteenth time.

Luckily for me someone installed an aftermarket cruise control on my current VX. Now that is something you can really use!!!!
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just because it has the wiper, doesn't meen it has the washer fluid, or the proper wiring, people hack together all kinds of things, it doesn't meen the rear wiper even works! but it's there, they could have broken the rear hatch glass, and replaced it with glass from a car with a rear wiper.
regardless, even the DX got in the mid 40's for mileage, and have potentale for good mileage.

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