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Going up to you guys first: My Metro is for sale!!

Since I bought my diesel Maxima last week the wife is on me to get rid of a car (sort of a 1:1 swap), soooo---the car I must choose to go is the Metro.

First let me say I am NOT happy to let it go.
That being said, here's the specifics:
1995 Geo Metro

84,000 miles

3cyl - 5spd --- I don't have to tell you what the car is capable of mileage.

Synthetic since I've owned it for the last 7,000 miles - heck I changed the oil 2 weeks (100 miles ago). Tranny fluid changed to Royal Purple and it shifts like butter.

Rear package tray - this puppy alone normally goes for around $70 on eBay when one pops up

NEW exhaust!! I just blew $200 on this! Took resonator off so it is a little louder but it does breathe a little better and I did notice a slight increase in mileage, but it may be a placebo.

NEW (not even velcroed down yet!) dash mat to cover up the faded dash top that is plagued by the '95 up Metros (just paid $50 for it!)

Tires have 7,000 miles on them

Tune up has 7,000 miles on it (plugs, wires, cap, rotor)

CD player

A/C will freeze you out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh bubble tint (not too bad, enough to make the car not have anyone mess with it)

BONUS! CUSTOM Gassavers sticker installed

1995 Dealer brochure included!


Rad core support has a little rust and the rear sway bar mounts have some rust (I tugged on them and they wouldn't break off and I am a pretty good sized ole' boy)

Passenger seat needs shampooed. My uncle used to own this car and he spilled coffee on it.

Passenger door a little bent up at top edge (my uncle locked his keys in the car and decided to attempt to "pry" the door open and bent it up a little in the process.

Headlights - regular fuse box problem. You can check Swift/Metro websites on how to fix. The fuse box on the Metros were chintzy so the headlights work 99% of th etime, if they go out, you jiggle th ewires under th edash and they come back on.

I am NOT including the racing disc hubcaps - those will be moved to the Jetta as they are my "trademark" in these parts since I am the only person that runs them. (if you want an extra set of ghetto mags, you can have them as well - see garage for what I am talking about)

I would drive this car ANYWHERE worry free! I did not intend to sell it - obvious from all the new stuff I just got for it. Had a kid at work want it but can't pay for it at once, I want to help him but I can't take payments over time as the wife wants a lump sum. I don't need cash but don't need as many cars as I have (that's my wife talking there, not me).

Now for the big part. This is a Gassavers offer ONLY offer! The price is FIRM! If no one wants it here, it WILL go to eBay. (unless I can talk my wife into letting my parents have it as a dingy for their never driven motorhome) The price I want (and will get) is $XXXX FIRM You pay for gas and are within reason nearby, I'll toss it behind the truck on the tow dolly and bring it to you. (east coast etc. 600? miles maybe) I want to see the car go to someone who will take care of it like I have, it needs a good home.

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why do you have to be in florida? i was very intersted lol.

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it's worth the price of a plane ticket....
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If you're close enough, I'll bring it to you for the price of gas - I love to travel. ONLY an offer for members of the forum. I want the car to go to someone who will treat it as I have. A vehicle that gets phenominal mileage, NOT treat it as a disposable vehicle as a lot of people have done.

I only wish I had the money to open a refuge for abused Metros to come to. Oh wait, I think we have some forum members that do that already.
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SOLD!!!! Sold local. Barely advertised, and it sold QUICK! Yes, for more than I offered to you guys, but that was just a deal for the fellow GasSavers.
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