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Originally Posted by RoadWarrior View Post
Heh, which V8 does it think it is? The early 80s Camaro with the 305? I can get away from those too ... j/k guess they must have improved them a lot.
The 2005-now 4.0 V6 stock can match or beat a 2004 or older GT. I drove a few of these before I decided on the GT(after driving 1 of those) and that V6 was a strong contender to what I wanted in a car. The V8 only gets a few MPG less and I was going to end up supercharging the V6 until I thought about it and decided 'If I'm going to supercharge something, I might as well do it to something that's already fun'. haha

- Kyle
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thats good to hear that it gets that interestign of mpg. my mom used to have a brand new 73 (till it got totaled a month later) and shes wanted one ever since. i think shes going to get one of these retro looking ones in a few years.

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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
I've got one too, and am a member over at the 4.0 Collective www.mustangcollective.com

They have great advice on various modifications for our beasties. For example, a good aftermarket tune and a CAI is good for a couple of mpg, makes the throttle much more responsive, and generally eliminates that rpm-holding tendency the beasties have.

I've done some mild modding which has improved FE, but always wipe it out by driving like a lunatic. God, I love this car!
Can't post there yet...but what parts did you put and how much did Justin's tune cost you? What do you usually get driving nicely around town using the tune?
-- Randall

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I have a 2008 Mustang GT/CS

I bought a Satin Silver V6 w/Pony package and traded it in after one year after craving the V8. So many friends and family have died for me the past few years I told myself "you only live once" and upgraded to the beautiful Dark Candy Apple Red GT/CS. Gas mileage is very good considering what car it is. I'm averaging 29 mpg in this thing. Possible mpg enhancements are a Granatelli Cold Air Intake, Mobil 1 oil (although I'm going back to Motorcraft Synthetic to see if it does the same on MPG) and pumping my tires to 38 psi.

Until it was broken in I was getting around 25 mpg. The 29 I'm averaging now is mainly the past 5 months of traveling to my previous home town many times that's 125 miles away and the driving is 90% highway. I drive in between 55 & 60 mph. I may try a Brenspeed tune if they can sell me a tune that helps mpg. Also am thinking of installing NGK or Halo spark plugs to further increase mpg.

The Silver V6 had one off and on problem when I traded it in. It would stall sometimes and I never got it checked out. The V8 has been flawless, smooth and a great, comfortable ride.

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