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Yes the new focus ST has the more efficient 2.0 litre ecoboost now, but the older model had a recycled Volvo 2.5 litre 5 cylinder, not especialy fast or economical! The focus RS still has a 2.5 with 300+ hp.


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Newest Ecoboost for America--2.7 V6 for Ford F150 (available all but highest trim levels); 325 hp / 375 peak lbs foot of torque @ 3000 RPM. This engine drive train combination at this time is only one: 6 speed auto transmission with auto start/stop feature. This same combination is used in some other vehicles as I've seen it in a Lincoln MKX SUV. The biggest difference in that vehicle would be that it's a front wheel drive based vehicle. It's mpg rating is 17/26 and 21 combined. Could not find the power/torque numbers for this vehicle with this engine, as it could be tuned with more hp/torque to explain the reduced city mpg rating.

USEPA estimates for 2015 2.7 Ecoboost for F150: 2wd -- 19 city / 26 highway / 22 combined miles per gallon -- 4wd 18 city / 23 highway / 20 combined

87 Octane and E15 (ethanol) minimum and maximum, respectively, however, highest performance level at 91 octane and higher, but 87 ocatane is recommended unless higher performance is needed.

There have been many reviews by American consumers and journalists claiming this engine, in this truck is way overestimated as compared to real world performance with respect to mpg. Many reviewers have claimed this power train will achieve, at least in the F150, somewhere between 16-20 mpg at best. Problem is that there are so many configurations of this truck with respect to wheel base, cab seating, tire and wheel size, 2wd and 4wd, and three different rear axle ratios, and the price varies from $28K to around $60K, the latter would be a far heavier vehicle, so it's hard to say how much this estimate is exaggerated and how close real world can be compared to EPA estimate without first owning the lightest, shortest, lowest stance, and highest gearing available with the least options with this engine. Most owners of this truck have lower gearing and extra cabs; and often 4wd. But what would happen if someone bought the least truck one could buy with this engine? Would it meet the EPA estimate if driven conservatively?

My personal notes: I purchased F150XL, 2wd, reg. cab, short bed (6'7") and 3.31 reg. rear axle (highest gearing available) with 2.7 Ecoboost September 2015. I have found that the vehicle computer grossly underestimates fuel consumed but that error is not consistent and so cannot be used as an indicator of mpg. But there is an error in the other direction to be aware of, at least with my truck, which has Michelin LTX 245/70R-17 all season radials. After several checks against two different GPS, I am recording a consistent odometer error that loses miles to the GPS at a rate of 1/2 mile for every 28 miles driven, which comes out to approximately 1.7% mileage loss. This is with new tires and may lose some of that error as tread wears. As such, I began adding 1.5% to the trip meter upon each fillup for a more accurate mpg reading.

After 4 fillups, I'm averaging nearly 24 mpg driving about 85% highway from 45-65 mph driving very conservatively usually with an empty bed.

Irrespective of the naysayers, The city rating of 19 for my 2wd seems certainly achievable for those with a smaller version and higher gearing and a light foot, especially using the auto start/stop feature in most situations where it would help. However, 26 mpg for highway is definitely exaggerated unless further break in will step up highway mpg, as I consistently drive below the highway speed limit in all the 65 and 70 mph zones and drive only a touch above the speed limit in 55 mph zones and still only achieve from 25 to 25.5 in even the best highway situations round trip.
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