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Not only do Chrysler products have a reputation for poor quality, but you might wind up with an orphan. Chrysler is on the verge of liquidation.

The price may be attractive for a reason.

2000 Ford F-350 Super Cab Pickup
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Winter MPG: 24
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The Dodge Stratus is a fine car if it has been properly maintained, as it is with all cars. It's a mid-size car rated for 28 mpg hwy and I have my customers tell me that 30 is very attainable. I stopped trusting what consumer reports said about anything when I sold computers and the latest issue said that the Hewlitt Packard 722 color inkjet printer was the printer to buy based on all their tests. It was a great printer but had been discontinued 6 months prior and all the Consumer Reports zombies refused to buy the replacement printer (the 922) which used the same technology but had increased speed because Consumer reports hadn't reviewed it yet. I can tell you the same story about office chairs from I sold office furniture. An anti-consumer reports story from the auto side. They reviewed the 4.0 lite inline 6 cylinder engine as haviing marginal quality but you can sure find a lot of them with over 200k on them, and a Jeep with that motor is a vehicle I'm not afraid to sell to someone I know. I'm not knocking Honda or Toyota or any other make of vehicle, just Consumer Reports.

I drive a 92 Dodge Daytona IROC R/T with a 5 speed stick, it's rated for 27 mpg on the old system and I'm able to get 37 when I'm trying and 34mpg just driving.

My wife drives a 2001 Dodge Intrepid and I am able to get 30mpg hwy most of the time, my record is 36, and this is a full size car. We replaced a squeeking pulley at the same time as we replaced the timing belt.

It's the driver, not the brand. If you take care of your car it will take care of you. I've seen all brands with problems, and I've seen all brands with over 200k on them and no trouble at all. Quality difference between cars is like quality difference petween Coke and Pepsi. Whichever one you like will be deemed the best quality in your eyes. Don't be afraid to spend a few bucks and have a mechanic/technician you trust look the car over for you, if it's been properly maintained and you like the car buy it and enjoy it.


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I see just as many saturns at my local junkyard as i do the dodge stratus. It bugs me somewhat because Saturns are held to a such high note on these boards, way up there with the honda vx. All I can gather is the people with the running saturns do the maintenance. Those dodge stratus are government cars a lot of the time, at least out here in so cal i see quite a few.

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