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CB500X Bad fuel consumption readings

Hi all,

I have a 13' CB500XA. Since I bought it, the fuel consumption (and thus the avg km/L) has an error of about 25% (in my favor). For example, it says I have consumed 7 liters, and I refill the tank with 4. I have taken the bike for servicing this specific issue 6 times, and the dealership doesn´t know what to do. They have changed the display and the level sender but the problem persists. Last time they kept the bike for 3 weeks.

Have you guys have had this problem? What did you do about it? I'm getting tired of taking the bike to the dealership since they are doing nothing usefull...

I asked some guys in youtube reviews but they don't have this problem.

My fuel economy is ok (about 25 km/L)

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Hi felipin58. I own the 2014 CBR500R model - same same issues with dash reading to actual consumption being all wrong. I've had a factory recall (Australian) for the fuel sender unit (not for accuracy though) & like yourself the dealership was hoping this would be the fix - but alas to all our disappointment it was not fixed.

All in all (out of shrugs from Honda) I live with it & only rely only on the trip meters A & B & the odometer - the other features all being junk readings. Once I ran the tank down to "Flashing" 2.2ltrs into reserve fuel on the dash & total litres used was at 19 litres - magic considering it's a 15.7ltr tank (Including reserve). So technically I should of had 500ml of fuel left. Nope - 14.4ltrs was the max I could squeeze in - even going over the filler neck.

So in summary I just manual reset trip A at each fuel up (I turned auto reset off) I could easily get 500km to a tank at 3.0 litres per 100, which I do get in good weather conditions & all the while the average on the dash will be saying between 25-26kms per litre. Perhaps the new update 2016 will have addressed the accuracy issues.

My fuel ups are under Monkey36 in 2014 CBR500R models.

Take Care
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