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Honda NC700X (S/Integra)

Believe in US you have them to: Honda's NC700-series in X-type, S (naked) and Integra (scooter). One of main focuspoints for this engine series is fuel consumption. I'm curious for real life experiences on this website.
I testdrove the X-type version 2 weeks ago. But it was a 30 min drive. No possibility to tell something on fuel economy.
How about here? Nobody?

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Unfortunately I couldn't try it either and don't know anyone at any hypermilers' site with an NC700 - even though I'm interested too

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I've got an NC700S, not available in the US, but the same engine as the X. Nice relaxing bike to ride, good handling, excellent fuel consumption (check the stats - an easy 60 to 70mpg US). Not a fast bike out of town but accelerates quite well and makes a great commuter. Closer to the low revving feel of a single or custom but without the vibes and discomfort! Good storage, more info on several machine specific forums.
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NC700 should give you the same MPG as CB500 71 MPG, my advice to your I Di go for the cb500 you will get the same MPG and less money
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Old 08-17-2014, 11:26 AM   #5
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I have a NC700X and average MPG is over 90 MPG check my page, But the uk gal is bigger than the us gal. However I have been on holiday so the bike as been getting good long runs so MPG is good. But tomorrow I am back to work commuting so expect the MPG to drop as I will be stop / starting type riding again in traffic. BOO HISS gotta pay the bills though so work here I come again.

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I have the NC700 SA (ABS) which I use mainly for commuting in the city. 3.5 L/100Km (65.9 MPG) which seems much better than other bikes of similar capacity.

The CB500 has the same power but obviously from a smaller engine (which, therefore, has less torque). So if you're choosing between those two, then I guess it's down to whether you like a high-revving engine or a low-revving one.
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Old 04-05-2016, 09:38 AM   #7
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My lifetime MPG for my NC700X here in the USA is about 72.
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I have the same experience as last poster but with the CTX700; same basic components as NC700X, but light touring style with forward controls. I have gotten as high as 81 on short trips; commute miles, however, (almost all highway at 62 mph) tops out around 77 max in the Summer, but what drags down my average is cooler weather. Cold weather drops all vehicles, but this Honda power train can go from 77 to 62 with no changes except temperature. I have the standard shift with the standard brakes.

This is US gallons. My results are not typical from fuelly members for some reason. Maybe the way they are normally ridden, riders' average size and weight, the fact that most Americans buy the DCT version, which is reportedly less efficient, or poor records, but I'm way, way above Fuelly average for light touring and cruiser models. I weigh only 145 pounds and 5'8"

The US does not get the NC700S or the Integra. We have NC700X, NC700XD, CTX700N, CTX700ND, CTX700, CTX700D. Look them up if you like, but it amounts to an adventure bike, straight shift or auto; naked cruiser, straight shift or auto; light touring, straight shift or auto.

Canada's a little different. Get the S I think but no straight shift option in any of the CTXs.
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Old 06-26-2016, 11:52 AM   #9
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Now NM4 available with same power train; only with DCT automatic transmission option. No option for standard shift; longer wheel base, much more aerodynamic, heavier, lower seat height than even the CTX700; built in luggage that turns out to be pretty small compartments, very unusual styling. First version bike with this engine to get different wheels. Rear is 180 mm wide versus other versions at 160. Much more expensive starting price. Not sure which countries get NM4.

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